That is relatable.

This is the era of being relatable.  If you relate, you sympathize. As a millennial, I can say that the use of this word has crossed all borders. In the real sense, I guess, this is what globalisation is. What I consider as exclusive to me today can tomorrow be trending under # relatable. I mean one of the most popular and relatable meme for me is about the reality of job hunting today. The employers expect you to have 10 years of experience before 22. Now tell me isn’t that just simply relatable?

But there is even a funnier and related trend that has come out of this “relatable”, it is called “same”. All I have to do is say, “same” no need to explain, no need to give any details.

I remember this one instance where we saw a kid’s ice-cream falling from his hand and my friend uttered… “same” and I instantly knew that he found something relatable. But that was it – one word – and the entire process of observing the situation, understanding it, sharing it with me and generating a response was bundled in one word, “same”.

But I could not differentiate whether my friend was relating to the ice-cream that fell down hinting to downfalls in his life or to the sad kid or both but I knew it mattered to him. At the same time that is hilarious to me because this generation is so done with it. Not only are we bored but we are some what emotionally distant because of the “been there done that” attitude. There were no statements, no pondering, no feelings just like that my friend shared his story while showing empathy to the kid using one word. Efficient? Yes. Effective? Hmmm… 

I did not even plan it but I am writing after exact two months. How cool!? But you know, last leg of a semester… Pheww.  I can imagine, after reading this, someone somewhere going, “same” haha.

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