It is a game.

In some way, I like to pride my self with the idea that knowing a handful of languages (most of which are regional) makes me unique. Being multilingual is fun, specially in this generation of information, the more you can accumulate inside your head and spew out at the right moment, higher are the chances of you being considered smart. Like me writing this post in English when it is not even my third language. I feel smart but am I really? You’d never know haha. 

More languages I learn, more I get the ability to grasp the ground-level info and today information is worshipped!! So it indeed is cool. Language is an art but mostly it is a game for instance reading books to live through the words or using it to make or a break a person. What a fun game, right? Imagine the power and the responsibility and yet we use words like we use chewing-gum; eat (learn), chew (recycle), spit (blurt), never really digesting it. Never really seeing it for its indestructibility and flexibility.

Words are immortal and unfortunately very flexible which renders them technically meaningless (sometimes even with a context).

We do not know the earth properly but in theory every school going kid knows that scientists are looking for life on mars and in theory we could be living on mars. The Martian is an amazing novel and the movie is nice too. But it is all a mind-play, a game that the writer played with our minds. How powerful!

In any way or form an idea communicated to anyone is half a conversation in itself and for the other half, if not a direct response at least an indirect response is created by the listener or the reader etc. Conversation can be a dangerous game. Need I mention how someone, somewhere saying something to someone else and that conversation and its acceptance as the be all and end all has made humans suffer immensely.

Is it misinterpretation or misunderstanding, does it mater? Either way, the fault shall always be of the one who reacts.

The speaker is safe as long as he is not overtly wicked. The listener is safe only if he does not feel a word. And the game goes on. Watch out your response and always hold-back that reaction or the game will be over before it begins.