The Art of Letting Go.

When it comes to striving on and giving up we are often conflicted because our thoughts are only divided into two; how much longer can I keep going vs do I have to keep going?

These are such meaningful thoughts but the problem is these are questions that block us in many ways from seeing any further than this. We get so caught up with these two thoughts often forgetting that there is always a solution, perhaps in an unexpected form but always.

Giving up connotes a negative feeling of losing and when you feel like you can not fight anymore and you just wanna give up, it is better to give up. Giving up is nice actually it is literal withdrawing from the situation… But for how long?

There is a middle ground in letting go; you do not have to give up, yo do not have to go on the same old way. Just let go. Let go but not of the problem, not of the situation, only the expectations.

See, the problem is that there is no real problem but expectations. How do you win or lose without having expectations. Goals are necessary but sticking to the process is a certain state of mind. Actually, it is one of the best states to be in.

It is in this state where you let go of all the outcomes yet you are fully involved because you did not give up. It is in every way a middle ground when you are struggling and are confused whether you should tread on or not, just hold the direction and not the destination. This is the art of letting go.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go.

    • My pleasure… I hope you stay motivated. The grass might not be greener on the other side but a storm is always followed by peace and quiet. Patience is the key. Times will change for sure 🙂

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