Know Insach

Hi there, you will get a glimpse of me here.

Mine is story that never found a ground, I have been made to move so much it brought in a sense of alone-ness, but surrounded by love it was easier to go through some mind-boggling times. That is where my strength lies – in people and places, in many a phases and in almost every thing that exudes life.

I have thoughts. Thoughts about the past, the present and the future. A little I have figured out and much more is yet to be discovered. I am following my heart and walking straight ahead with an understanding that this journey is what we make of it. After all it is one life we get. Welcome to a millennial’s world where life takes precedence with a touch of reality and seldom posts on fantasies, on hope, and child like ranting.

I am fascinated with artists and their passion and devotion. Not only do they mesmerise me, but also inspire me to follow my heart and give it all in whatever it may be. Trying to be the best I can get because I believe there is a lot more depth in everything. I am not a professional at it, but if thinking helps and talking and sharing is supposed to benefit then writing would only bring out the best.

Rooted in Himachal, brought up in places, I have some stories to share and although I am lazy I love to make new ones. And I’m gonna share them here.

15 thoughts on “Know Insach

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  2. When I read this I had a big smile on my face, because a lot of times I think like this and your blog has lot of wonderful pictures, I am exploring them now.
    Glad to connect.

    Insach the anagram of Sachin, it is not only unique but intriguing, does it mean anything ?

    • Hey Thanks a lot for stopping by. Much appreciated!! I am no photographer but yeah I like to take pictures. Glad you found them wonderful 🙂
      Umm, Insach sounds like in-search and I think that kind of defines my curious nature. Although, it is just a nick-name. 🙂

      • The only thing I caught is ‘Curiosity’, guess why ?
        No points for guessing
        Because I am a curious guy myself !
        Sure I like your work, so glad to come across often.

      • I could’t help but add this little note: You mentioned that Insach sounds like “in search,” and that it defines you. I couldn’t help but think that Insach also sounds very similar to “In sync.” And you might say that defines you as well because it seems you are “in sync” with the rhythm of life, being open to experiencing so many things and so many places — and being prepared to get something positive from them. Just a thought.

      • I would very gladly accept that definition. haha thanks a lot for that. I do believe that it is one life we get and experiencing it is more important than living/being in our heads.

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