Wow it sure has been a long time since my last post. The entire editor for the new posts has changed, it is dizzying. I am blinded by the white background actually I preferred the blue-white combination; the earlier version.

On a personal note, I finished my exams for the first semester and decided to take a long vacation after that, but lately I have been busy enjoying spring. It has been ages since the last time I walked amidst the spring bloom. So I actually planned an entire trip which naturally involved going out of this concrete jungle into an actual one.

Now I have some serene, satisfying, colourful views, all captured in my phone. I am not officially into photography so my phone is good enough, I guess. This one particular shot was captured blindly, it is not easy to stare at the sun for long you know.


What a shot ūüôā right?

Interior and exteriors.

The colour, condition, the exterior of leaf does not only tell its own stories but also gives us a look into the interiors of the tree. Judge a book by its cover no problem, but never miss out the best part that is inside.

These walls tell so many stories and if you care to step in, you will uncover very many secrets that they hold and hide in plain sight kind of like love, you have not experienced anything until you go all in.

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Crazy is good.

Choose Your Adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

A bunch of cousins were all set for their elder cousin-brother’s wedding. And as was expected they all were happy and excited at this news, they were going to have the time of their lives (depends on you- the reader). Although, each one of them was quite busy either with work or with studies there was no chance they were going to¬†miss on such a fun opportunity¬†to finally unwind themselves. So, they kept their calendar dates open for the occasion, went shopping, helped with preparations and when the day came they¬†were ready for the party.

As fabulous as the bride and groom were, so was the¬†scenic location, everyone was mesmerised and had a great¬†time – clicking pictures, dancing, chatting, dancing, making the awkward small talk with the uncles and aunties and more dancing before heading towards the buffet (now we’re talking). Anyway, every thing was running so smooth¬†and everyone was ecstatic, and some even drunk. These kids were a good bunch they made a quiet entry and a normal exit.

Now it was time to head back home, it was around midnight and those who wanted could leave in anyone of the transport facilities available. The cars for close relatives were almost filled and had gone. But the cousins got hold of one car and soon their car was finding its way through the hilly terrains under the moon light,  it was all so beautiful, but the thick forest and the hooting owls were not helping Рthe cousins found it a little eerie, so to speak.

And an hour and half later their car stops and the driver says, “my car can not manage going downhill and it is too dark and dangerous to drive on this muddy, wet road. You¬†guys are young and can make the walk so, why do you not just walk? It is safer.”

One cousin says, “lets wait for others to come and then we can walk with them….”

Second cousin ¬†says, “…Meanwhile the roaring tigers can feast on us.”

Third cousin, “c’mon it would be our adventure. We have the choice to choose an adventure.”

Fourth cousin, “You are crazy!!”

Fifth cousin, “Crazy is good.”

Sixth cousin, “You guys need to chill out and use those flash light apps in your phones or else some sort of animal is bound to attack us.”

Seventh cousin (the native), “You guys sound like a bunch of tourists. Nothing is going to attack you, just follow me. I know the way. It is only 1 to 2 Kilometers.”

And they…