In hindsight.

Stroke of Midnight: Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?


I like to count it down at home with my family and on phone with friends, my favourite way to celebrate the New Year. Some of you won’t believe that, we do not have a holiday (except in Schools and Colleges) on 31st Dec let alone on 1st of Jan. I had to run from office a little early on 31st and take a leave on the 1st day of the year LOL. What a start! How in the world can someone sit an entire day at office after being awake till 3am the previous night? It is possible but not a necessity so why bother.

After reaching home I helped mum make Gulab Jamuns which turned out way too good. It is fun to make your own sweet dishes so we made few others as well. You could call it a tradition that we have, to eat something sweet at the stroke of twelve. It is supposed to keep you “sweet” round the year. It is kind of sweet isn’t it?

May 2016 be kind to the world, we all are in dire need of some sort of miracle to tone down the hatred and cruelty to bring love back. Also nature is getting pretty angry, quiet evidently, 2015 rocked the Himalayas and our coastal areas were not spared either. Times of distress but every one helped each other and things started getting back on track. Wounds take their time to heal but with support at least the time passes smoothly.

Talk about time flying by, feels like not long ago I was celebrating the arrival of 2015. Oh maybe it is just my vivid memory, but I remember things pretty clearly. Just because I remember it all so well does not mean that my past year was uneventful. It brought with it tides of change that literally kept hitting me one after the other.

January went quietly and I faced a few setbacks.February was all too good with my cousin’s wedding but March brought only bad news. April got us another happy occasion not to mention the tremors that shook us one after the other. And May was just too hot so was June. Well, July was the same but at least It got me my first job. August did not bring monsoon and September joined in. October did not know it was fall and suddenly it was Diwali (in November). And can you believe December, Christmas and New year’s eve, were like this past week. Wow! winter is almost gone.

There were devastating times and some amazing times but all in all I am going to box up the memories of 2015 with a label that reads Bleh!! It got really annoying, after all it was my first time in the real world post-school and Uni. On the bright side, I have found new strengths in me that I never knew I had. At times, I had to fake my smiles and hide my anger but I think if you keep pushing the boundaries, that you defined yourself in the first place, there won’t be any boundaries. And at the end you learn to be genuinely happy. Not meaning that you start putting up with other’s idiocy but simply let them be.

People and things do not change before it is their time so we should change instead. Forgive, do not forget and find the peace within. Happy 2016 lovely people!

Now, I am gonna go and amuse myself with the coffee-break discussions on the new odd-even driving plan that just got implemented. The talk of the town I tell you.




Where there is a will there is a way.

This saying has been proving itself to be quite accurate and meaningful for the past one week now, which also happens to be the time period when I did not log in, mostly because ‘my will’ was being given plenty of ‘ways’ that, It kept me busy in choosing an action-plan.

The back story is; I am very new at all the grown up office things and this new life has its own essence. It is not as much fun as hanging out with friends or as limited as attending lectures and giving exams, but yes if you enjoy what you are doing and are being paid for the same, turns out working can be fun after all.

So, I started my first ever job with as much apprehension as any other newbie because I did not really know if my decision was the right one, but considering the economy one has to accept what they are being handed as there are not many options to choose from. And so I did – grab it as it came by.

Well finder is keeper and you have to take chances (oh, that was a different daily prompt). Only these “I did not really think too much about it” actions have very special and surprising results. This kind of thing keeps you on your toes. You are not prepared and that tests you, and not only that, in the process, you also learn a lot.

As I see it we need to grow every day – not just by numbers; in age and weight, but in wisdom and that can not come with calculated steps and plans, it is rather the spontaneous incidents that make us who we are or better yet show us who we truly are.

If I were to talk of my past week and the correlation of it with the title, I would start by mentioning the most important term – business trip. Oh, yes I am new, but my boss thought I could handle an outstation visit and not only that but solve the clients technical issues as well. The moment I got to know about it, I was taken aback. Perhaps I doubted my potential.

I felt the way a person feels on a ride, you know? Scared at first, a little nervous but excited and once it was done, I had a rush, it felt amazing, I mean I accomplished something successfully all by myself (for the first time) and with a little help it went smoothly – I was happy and yet calm.

I did a lot of things for the first time, starting from traveling alone outside the city to meeting strangers, helping them with their problems and in a way making acquaintance with new people. People who really matter for the growth of our business. And come to think of it I usually just keep to myself.

So, my giddiness changed into calmness because I saw the trip as an opportunity and not as a problem, one thought is all it took to calm myself down, and focus on what was important like; preparing the presentations etc. booking tickets, traveling, and majorly looking for solutions so as to make the whole thing a success. And not ponder too much upon the things that could go wrong.

Fear was there, but I chose not to pay attention to it and I had a will to do really good and guess what? I was given a way.

Word Porn.

No, Thank You: If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Oh daily prompt what is this? I do not want to ban words, I believe in the freedom of expression. Banning a word would be going against it. If by some bizarre power this were to happen, it would leave us with big gaps in our daily conversations.

As it is, people can not comprehend each other when communicating using the simplest of words, to ban one word would mean an increased dependence on an alternative followed by the process of making it a common word in daily usage. So much work!

With the introduction of a new word so many things that make sense now would not make as much sense tomorrow and to be honest there is no word that is good or bad then why even ban any? A word is just a combination of alphabets and only its particular usage can make it good or bad and again that is totally dependent on the context.

This brings me to the psychological aspect of it all. In college we were taught a sentence “I am ok, you’re ok.” and this one sentence said with different emotions can bring about different meanings. Similarly a lot of derogatory terms are used among friends with no hard feelings at all, while the utterance of these same words in front of a stranger will lead to frowned faces or if  you are too unfortunate, a black eye.

Lately I have seen these phrases; word pron, food porn etc on Facebook, being constantly used and like anything and everything people have started thinking it is cool and for the same reasons they do not mind using them in normal conversations. I mean eargasm, foodgasm still made sense, but word porn… what the ‘heck’ is that even supposed to mean?

So in this world where new things are created, who am I to ban something or anything? After all it is in the hands of each one of us to either begin or end the dissemination of nuisance of any kind. So such bans should be on a personal level there is no need to make them a universal phenomenon.

World Peace.

Lucky Star: Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?



Well, If these prompts have thought of giving me false hopes than who am I to ignore them. I will accept them straight away. Also, I can do with some wishes right now. Like for one, if by this lucky star, all the stupid people of the world could be teleported to some other place – I would ask the star to do it at this instant. I can do without all the ill mannered, lacking-common-sense, hot headed, egoistic people etc.

Who would not appreciate this wish of mine? I am simply asking to remove every person, who litters where it clearly says not to do so, who would cut/kill an endangered tree/flower or animal, from the face of the Earth. Do not kill them just make a new planet and let them live in their own filth. Now, I could have asked to make people have more common sense, but I would rather deal with the problem of population this way. Earth has suffered enough because of us. I am just being concerned.

So, yeah granting common sense won’t work. Teleport them to another place altogether and make it a one way ticket for all I care – Problem solved.

Secondly, a house perhaps. Yeah, why not? I am on a new journey in my life. Fresh graduate, new job and all that. Now I could have asked for a car, but then again with stupid people teleported to this new planet (by my first wish), public transport might just be fun, not to mention scientific studies suggest that more use of public transport would help in decreasing carbon emissions and CFCs thus, protecting what protects us – the overlooked Ozone layer.

So, again not being selfish at all. I would say, it is rather a charitable cause. So, my second wish, make up a nice cozy house for me.

For my third wish…. I want… errr…. how about world peace? We all can use that! Just being charitable you see. It is not everyday that you get your wishes granted. So I chose them very carefully. Now you be careful what you wish for it just might be granted.