Eclipse, it sounded so fascinating when I was young. I remember the first time I heard of it. There was going to be a solar eclipse black out and it was all over the news so when I asked my parents what was it all about, they explained it by saying that the sun would be covered by the moon for a few hours and that it would be dark like the night during the day-time itself. They also mentioned the probability of storms as we lived near a coast and that magnetic forces can bring about changes in the water tides etc etc.

I was advised not to go out and not to look at the sun directly even by mistake. We have so many rituals and a few superstitions linked with eclipses, so my parents told me about them and they just went over my head. To give you an idea, one superstition is that every prepared food item and stored potable water, that has “suffered” the eclipse, should be changed or thrown, but not consumed. I would link it with the perceived/assumed changes in the cosmic rays or something. I do not really know!

Anyway, after all that detail and more information, I had painted a scary picture of a day as dark as night with BAD thunder storms. In reality it was a bummer, it was really just like a black out and every news channel covered the same story. The only interesting thing I found out from the news was that people were actually looking at the sky/sun and seeing the eclipse live using some kind of special glasses or lenses.

Talk about questioning your very knowledge! On one hand you are told not to go out and in some other part of the world people are enjoying looking at the eclipse. But ours is not the only country with such beliefs there have been many civilisations, specially the earliest ones who saw celestial events as messages from the heavens. Yes, science has its explanations and so do the astronomical/cosmic/astrological excerpts. Two interesting sides to the same coin.


Street to snakes.

Wow talk about being random. What a prompt really!?

Streets... I have changed so so many of them that I do not really want to get into all the details, but my favourite was the one that led to our third home. I was too young when I moved into the second house so I do not have any recollection of it let alone the streets, while the first home was/is in my hometown so those streets I know very well.

It was a house that was at the end of the “street” and so near to a beach that I vividly remember that, the light from the light house would cross our balcony every 2 minutes past seven o’ clock. What a nice child-hood memory to have!

Life was peaceful back then. Although, the struggles were real, living in a tropical climate down south meant having to deal with humidity and crazy rains and not just that but snakes. They were all over the place. Streets, bushes, back yards, wells, stairs, near the drainage pipe, hiding in the dark, out in the open. I am being serious about it.

Which reminds me of the time when I was playing with my friends and we were just running around playing chase. And you run like crazy when you play chase. You do not care about the dirt or the heat or the fact that you are playing near a pile of stones, not like a cairn but like a pile of construction material.

So, I was running to save myself from being chased (that is the game) and for that I recklessly just ran over the pile but never made to the bottom of it. There I was standing stunned and all my life flashed before my eyes (which did not take much time considering I was only five). So, pale and shocked as I were, only one thought crossed my head that, I almost stepped on this green green snake that passed like a centimeter away from my feet with the speed of the lightening.

Never did I ever again get that close to a snake but that does not mean it was the last time I saw one. There is another story of a snake that  almost entered into the toilet at my fourth house because the loo was out in the veranda. A neighbour declared it a drowsy water-snake, supposedly they are  not so poisonous but could have entered the drainage system and you know that would have made a nightmare come to reality. Snakes in your toilet! Even the thought of it gives the chills.

It does not end there, I saw many more and it was scary each time. I mean they are poisonous things after all. Fortunately, I never developed any fear of them. I rather find them fascinating, poor creatures attack only to defend themselves. It is sort of nature’s fault to have given them poison as their defence.

Oh well, I would still say animals attack when they are enraged. Humans on the other hand are the real unpredictable species. They can become very very toxic as well. And sadly there is no antidote for the poison some people spew. But just like with the snakes one can always try running away from them too.






It can be risky.

Take a Chance on Me What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

What is life without a little bit of risk? Not that one should live life on the edge, but yes, not grabbing the right opportunity at the right moment could lead to a huge loss and to get your hands on something that every one else has their eyes set on is never easy. We need to be quick, and not just in actions but in decisions as well. This is where the whole risk thing fits in the equation. How do you know it will work out? Well, that is the risk.

We all take chances as and when required and for me each time felt like it was the biggest risk I was taking. It just so happens that life produced with multiple circumstances which required taking the “road not taken” and in all that the previously taken chances did feel like nothing. What is that I actually did? You ask.

Well, I took the risk of growing up, the biggest risk ever taken. I mean, I was at home minding my business but my parents decided to put me in School – a risk that they took on me. Well, It was a good decision and I have come a long way from then. But as it goes, years passed by and growing up sort of became mandatory, while it never looked so appealing to me, I had no other choice.

From School to college it was like a one way street, once in there was no turning back, not that I wanted to go back, but yeah who does not miss what has been taken away from them or something that they had to go away from. Anyway, it all went almost smoothly with the exceptions of a few road bumps on the way, the rest was fine, risky at times but okay.

I also took the risk of letting go. I moved places, I left friends, I left my life as I knew it behind me as if it never happened. I had to move on, to stand on my own feet, to make my own little place in this jungle and to leave a mark of my individuality – I took the chance of not giving into the crowd and staying true to myself – not partying late night, not drinking or smoking just because every other teen thought it was cool. And boy was that tough!

As far as I can remember, It turned out great. After all, what seems impossible or difficult today is done and forgotten tomorrow, we just need to be persistent and with a little perseverance the risks that we take, kind of, sort out themselves on their own. Recently, I took the risk of saying no to various job offers before I settled, mind you ‘settled’ for the one that I accepted and like any other chance I have mixed feelings about this one too, but I constantly remind myself to take it easy.

It is of no use being hard on your own self. Life is actually too short to be stuck in our heads, thinking too much and not taking chances.It only leads us to missing out on “what could have been”. And that is not a good situation to be in. So, let’s just make it happen… as they say seize the day – carpe diem!

At sixteen.

Only Sixteen Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

Ah! to be sixteen… what a wonderful time?! Filled with good times that included friends, fun, food and School there was no place for smart phones, check ins or tagging, Instagram, selfies etc etc. Just plain old fun and only memories to look back upon.

“Oh, finally the board exams are over (they are the equivalent of GCSEs, I guess) and after all the hard work we can finally lift the bans over our social lives.” This is one common thought that every 15-16 year old has because, seriously, passing your tenth grade is a big deal in this part of the world.

Anyone who fares well through these definitely has a triumphant smile over their face – I remember I had. It was all pretty hard earned hence the good results were celebrated. At sixteen, I was into books – the scientific kind, and in eleventh standard I chose the science stream with math and biology as my majors.

They are like the two main, yet opposite subjects, people choose either one not both of them. But as I could not choose anyone, I ended up studying both. Yes, I was a little better in one subject than the other. However, TV too was a big part of my life back then (both the things still are a big part), but yeah life was obviously not so busy as a teenager so I had time for the telly – a lot of time. It taught me a lot and I loved all my programs. I was the cartoon network and Disney kid (such amazing memories are rushing through my head right now!!) It was really good.

It was around this same time that I, for the first time, got into public speaking and that was beginning of the new me. It opened up so many doors of opportunities and learning that I am still grateful for. It is also the age where you learn about relationships so I had a few lessons, scheduled by life, for me as well.

Come to think of it, with so much going on back then, I was more focused, less stressed, never so exhausted and ever so enthusiastic. Au contraire, now a days time simply passes by in a rut and it does not only get exhausting, but intellectually and emotionally non-stimulant too. And that says a lot coming from a twenty something.

World has changed, no scratch that world has changed its pace. if you are not in the race you are no where. Although, I do like to take a back seat because, all the running is useless anyway. Those who know will agree and those who do not will soon do so. Think about it, kids today are born with smart phones not like they do not get a meaningful childhood, they do and it is just hi-tech that is all, but it is just not the same.

No one has the time for the stars and the moons anymore. Kids would rather have a rainfall/snowfall app to enjoy one of those, but when I were sixteen I would watch the rain pour down on Earth, I would inhale fresh air and the petrichor which would feel so very good – it was calming to the senses. How many of today’s kids even have any idea of how does it smell when it rains? Not many I bet. To conclude, I was born in the good old times – lives were simple-ish if not perfectly laid back.

Imagination as a toy.

Toy Story What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I was always the odd one out. Whenever my friends wanted to play board games, I wanted sports and whenever they chose sports, I chose indoor activities. And that is why I do not see one thing that could be singled out as my toy or my anything. I wanted it all, whatever there was, never demanded much though but definitely got  my hand onto everything that I saw could be played with (not people’s hearts or feelings).

I guess curiosity was my thing and imagination my toy. I loved the idea of a world different than others. I was not too big a fan of video games, I did enjoy them but it was all in moderation. My post makes me look like a boring person but I think I lived and believed that variety is the spice in life.

So, television seems like the kind of thing that would have satisfied my hunger for imagination, given that I could not read all the amazing books available out there, after all I was only a normal kid, unfortunately not a prodigy. But the TV remote gave way to a world full of different themes and subjects (like literally they do have channels teaching you math, science and such) and I was enjoying those shows.

I was loving my cartoons and fables and stories, losing myself in them for hours which would later get me spectacles at a very young age, but sprinkled with a dash of outdoorsy stuff – I maintained my touch with the real world and the real fun. So, even though someone else’s, imagination was the toy.

Not to mention how every kid likes to imagine being a super hero, a dragon, Harry potter and friends, some liked being Lord Voldemort and some liked being an animal, but it was all so much fun. Again, there is no one one toy to name. Anyhow, I do understand how our psychology works and sticking to a toy could mean something, but even with all the imagination filled childhood of mine, I did not turn out be like the amazing J.K. Rowling.