Here to there.

So you know how changing environment scares us? Things are not the way they were or they are just taking a completely new turn – you name it it is always a headache. We are in a motion until an external force is applied on us. Yes, I just applied physics on life because it is applicable. I never really think of changing anything unless I am done with it or just bored of it or simply feeling out of place with it.

Transitions are a part of transformations and they either make something or break something. But even if something breaks that in fact is the part of transformation – like a shriveled flower in summer is back in its vibrant form in spring. Only changes get us from here to there, from now to then and from “meh” to “okay now we are talking!”


Let’s bloom!!

Took this one in college one day while hanging out with friends. Our Uni is really the best when it comes to flowers and their gardens. This reminded me of the transition in my life from student to the working lad that I am now – I am transforming. And wish me luck because I am making new changes for myself; the external forces are in play here.

Being a patron saint…

The world around us is at its fastest speed, we are bound to be a little overwhelmed. We are still comfortable because, we get what we want (mostly by simple clicks) and we stay connected with our people (24×7). And with camaraderie all seems easy.

We are out there… in a world that, we created. And even with all the high-end/hi-tech things in life we all are still looking for the most basic ones; Love and Peace (also some fresh air to breathe). I guess, the heart knows what it wants.

We may move forward in to the future and be awe struck by the awesomeness of it all; the glam and glitz with being tech-savvy, living life on the edge we would still be craving for a “pat on the shoulder”, for humans are social animals and we are driven by emotions.

So, I would be the patron saint of feelings. I feel a lot of us, including me, confuse our wants and needs, we confuse our own feelings and emotions. Therefore, I’d like to be the patron of feelings because, feelings are never wrong. Do good you will feel good. Do bad and soon you regret. Share happiness and help others that is ought to feel good.

So, follow your heart and know your feelings. The ones that give you a sense of being “right” will turn out to be great guides.