Feast and Fast

Yes, one should feast and fast on a regular basis but always in moderation. Like they say, “eat half, walk double and laugh triple” – Chinese proverb.

Feast your eyes on this and perhaps your palate too, depending on whether you like it spicy or not…


A south Indian spread. Not even a spread it just one of the most famous breakfast, lunch, dinner – one in all- dish. Yup, it looks like crepe, it is made just/almost like a crepe but it is very very savoury and has varieties in terms of its shape (one variety is called rocket.. so), size, taste, texture and the choices of the accompanying chutneys.

For those who would like to know more about it: it’s called Dosa.

Clockwise form the right..

Sambar – It is a lentil/vegetables etc. etc. soup/broth.

A coconut spice-filled chutney.

Ginger, garlic, tomato – chutney.

Oh, the ever so famous pommes frites. These are just the western guests in this menu.

A tamarind sweet/spicy chutney.

Finally a bit more of the heat; mint and green chilly chutney.

Okay, I admit it we eat a lot of spices and chillies. This is one of the “spice over loaded” dish. And the spread is just for one person aren’t we  hearty eaters!?


Oh Snap!

Snap chat!

I am going with a snapshot.


I love chocolates. So the day I received a box full of the very famous Ritter Sport. I had to take a snapshot. Yum!


Just a snapshot but comes with a nice story.

You’re at a restaurant and just waiting with you friends for the food to arrive, and suddenly a waiter offers you something. What ever he says is all too strange and irrelevant because it does not seem like something you ordered – and why pay for it later? But then you hear the word complimentary and suddenly you do not have to comprehend his words. You just thank him and enjoy the fancy looking dish. But not so fast! The next step is to choose the one who would do the honours of eating this alien thing. And someone does it anyway (most of the times it is me) Just to find out whether it is worth everyone else’s pallet, I take a risk, what a good friend I am!

The funny thing was that the fancy looking white and red thing inside -“whatever you call that small utensil/crockery” – was actually sweet. Yes, sweetened yogurt with a dollop of jam on the top if it. Which makes sense because that is what the waiter said the jam is delicious. Indeed it was!

How ingenious to put jam on misthi-doi and place it in a strange bowl on a strange plate, that had smoke/fumes? coming out the holes. All that made it look so pricey. Kudos to the inventor. I find that, the pricier the food gets the lesser the quantity and more of all the decoration is there. “Oh no that is not edible, sorry neither that…. just that mushy little thing in the middle… yeah, that is what you can eat” – says the random waiter serving you.


Do or Die You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

We all live to eat or may be that is just me. Anyways, the truth is we all have to “eat to live” and there is no life without it what so ever (I rest my case!!) That makes food as one of my favourite things and its existence is more justified than idiotic people (who needs them?) And yet we have to deal with them on a daily basis. Sweets are a part of food and “desserts” is what they are formally referred to as, science suggests that eating something sweet following a meal helps in digestion and it is a world wide practice as well, although after eating spices the way we eat it is more of a compulsion than just a practice.

Coming to the important thing; chocolate is one of the best human inventions ever. I mean, unlike science and technology and its various gifts to the humans – it does not generate any unwanted by products, does not cause a hole in the ozone layer, doesn’t make anyone sick, only rots our teeth (which anyways is inevitable), and can not be used in any harmful way. I am all over the place with my justifications but my facts are spot on, and you know what I mean.

Cocoa pods give us cocoa beans which in turn provide us with cocoa powder, cocoa butter and the most important fermented product, not alcohol, but chocolate. Chocolates are amazing be it dark or white (although, in my opinion white chocolate should not be called chocolate for chocolate is a product of fermented coca beans while the so called white chocolate is milk based).

Sciencey stuff: Chocolate helps lighten the mood by playing chemical games in our heads, it is said to have the kind of chemical activity in our brain similar to that of a kiss (is that why couples gift each other chocolates, who knows!) Now, I need not mention the fact that major portion of our desserts are chocolate and cream based without the chocolate-y goodness we will be left with only cream. Chocolate makes everyone happy, makes me happy what more do we need.