Moxie sounds like an antibiotic but on a serious note when you finally do get the nerve to do something, is it too late? Or is it just the right time?

Minute by minute
You came closer to me.
Seconds by seconds
Now it breaks me within.
True, It is quicker than I feel.
But why is this your drill?
When did I become this?
Parts of me I let you steal!
Had I been more (willingly) giving,
Would this be a smaller deal?
How about this time…
I Let it hurt you for real.
For once you go through
What made me shriek.
For I never had the nerve.
To show what you did.
But piece by piece
Now payback for all your deeds.
And watch me walk out (alive or dead).
One way or the other, I’ll be freed.
See me use your shackles on you.
The game is finally being played by two.

I panicked.

A wide open grass land
Meets near horizon I see.
A blue clear sky and a breeze.
The warmth surrounds me.
The birds chirping, bees buzzing,
Flowers dancing,
It is one of those scenes.
Almost unreal.
So close I can touch it.
The fragrance I smell,
The sounds I can hear,
All of it is so near.
My spirits are lifted high.
Like being brought back to life.
Feels almost like reality.
But my heart starts to ache.
Now, the light is fading away.
Why the darkness? I ask.
How did it find its way?
I hid it deep inside.
Your memories that I hate.
From the warmth to
These burns I’m feeling.
The panic begins to creep in.
Why now? And how?
Perhaps… it is my fault.
I panicked. This wound.
It must be healed.
This love affair with pain.
Like us, must come to an end.

Pleased yet?

Every thought to please you.
Every gesture to please you.
Every word to please you.
I tried to please you.
Were you pleased?

Stars from the sky?
Pearls from the ocean?
Flowers of the fresh bloom?
It is only my confusion…
How to make this love blossom.

I dressed to please you,
Kept quiet to please you.
Held you to please you.
I tried it all for you.
You were not pleased.

If the heart and soul
Is not enough.
What will matter to you?
I give myself.
That is all I have.

All sounds to please you.
A song to please you.
I will dance to please you,
In your rhythm with you.
Will you be pleased?


Meant to be.

We make promises.
Bigger than us,
Bigger than love,
It may not seem just.
Yet happens with all of us.
We cling to an idea,
An idea of them.
An idea of there.
Expecting life to be our way.
It might not be the same…
The reality in today.
So be ready for worse,
At least that will help adjust.
But how can we keep up
How can we go on
If we’re clung on to the past?
The time that turned to dust…
Is of no use to us.
And the broken, perhaps…
Wasn’t even meant to last!

Maybe, later?

And sometimes you just have to…. say, “see you, (maybe) later?!?”

Stronger than my will

Were her emotions, so still!

Weaker than my heart was hers.

Sillier than her thoughts

Were my plans, she never sought!

Easier it was for her than me.

We dreamt a little different.

Drifted apart, for the better!

With just a… “may be, later!?”



A little closer.

A little too far.

One that is unheard,

And as near as you are… is my secret.


A little deep.

A little un-clear.

One that is not yours,

Yet could bring you to tears… is my secret.


A little in the open.

A little under your nose.

One that hides in day-light,

And will be the ultimate blow… is my secret.


A small mistake.

A one time dare.

One that is within me,

And is ready to burst into a  flare… is my secret.


A lot of LOVE.

A LOT of guilt.

If, after it I could rebuild, I would share I won’t care.

But for now I’ll spare you the pain… of my secret.


That is what the one word prompts are bringing out of me – poems. Deep stuff though! Something different from these prompts 🙂

People and things.

Home Turf: Name five things in your house that make it a home.

  1. My family, my loved ones – it’s home wherever they are.
  2. My comfort – my sofa, my fridge, my snacks, my AC, my TV – surrounding me.
  3. The smells – haha this is quite strange, but I am sure a lot of you can relate, your home smells exactly as you like, not too much not too little – just perfect. Be it the potpourri or room fresheners it is your choice of brand and fragrances that you like the most.
  4. The furniture – things have their place and I am used to them being there. Only in my home do I know what is where, and where is what? It is good to have tens of switch boards that need not be located each time your innumerable devices run out of batteries, unlike in a new place or a cave, where you have to struggle.
  5. The most important of all, the bathroom. And you know very well what I mean by that. No place, no matter how good or classy, can ever compare to the contentment that you get after using your own bathroom/loo. It is just easy!

I just realised, I missed cell phone and lap top in the second point. May be because, they are everywhere, you can carry them anywhere – even into the forests and destroy the whole meaning of enjoying the outdoors. Yes, they are quite insignificant to make my house a home. But love and ease/comfort is where your heart is, and as they say home is where your heart is.

In the Middle.

Generation XYZ: Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

The younger or the older – some are way ahead, some way behind. I feel we are in the middle.

             Fly away.

          Fly away.

Globalization, though a new term is not as new a concept as one might think, it existed a long time ago as well. Earlier, it was not known for its global impacts because, it was simply called trade; which everyone knows took place between various countries. Trade (or business as we would call it today) was the one and only way of knowing, learning and possessing new things. This made a way for acquiring everything and anything that was foreign, new, unknown, and most of all fascinating.

People involved in trade were always seen as more experienced of the outside world compared to any other person. This held true for anyone who went on voyages as well. They conquered the impossible and were known for it because, it was not as easy as it is today, to reach a new place on the map; an uncharted territory meant having to deal with colossal amounts of problems.

As history tells us – many gave up, some did not, and those who strived through all the struggles stood tall and proud, and are known till date for their contribution in what we today know as globalization. Slowly and steadily this led to modernism.

Times changed, for everything could have only gotten better with it passing by, and today we have reached a point where the world is in our palm – the gift of science, a “present” from the past – the internet! Well, when we talk of science, we say the world is only accelerating and reaching new heights – every day making our big planet a global village of sorts.

We are now tightly knit and virtually connected than ever and so is the flow of information, very fast and easily available that is. This is not only beneficial in terms of economics of a country but helps us stay updated with the new happenings in the other side of the world, mostly developed countries – the trend setters, the policy makers etc.

We used our knowledge of science and math, did experiments on it, and created super computers, smart phones, and artificial intelligence. That is a tech savvy talk, but for someone concerned with human values, the technology has made people less more frequent on visiting or meeting each other, it has made people more dependent on machines and lazy, but who is to debate on that? Nothing is harmful until it is not in excess, right?

But with the use of technology, what is excess? With all the good information available at the tip of our fingertips, how far away is the wrong information? Learning about all that is hip and new is the talk of every town, but how much of modernism is fine with our cultural beliefs? We might think that we are moving ahead and standing shoulder to shoulder with the whole world, but how much of our population is an actual part of this new world?

You answer these questions and you would realize that the world we know is advance and modern but being modern never meant to move ahead alone. The young ones are far more accepting of everything and anything regardless of what they believe in and the old ones can be a little stubborn about their beliefs.

Being modern means to be a human first and with benevolence carry everyone along in this long journey because, like the olden times, it is still a voyage into a better tomorrow. While in reality, my generation (of the twenties) is the hanging in the middle and in a way enjoying the best of both worlds.

If I were…

Blogger With a Cause: If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

If I were a blogger with a cause,

I would go to every person.

I would ask them about their pain.

I would tell them it’s alright,

That someday they will see the light.

If I were a person following my heart,

I would take each abuser down.

I would set their heads straight.

I would try to heal,

That has been hurting all along.

If I were to listen to myself,

I would forgive the one who doesn’t know.

I would not think too much,

I would just let it go.

That goodness, lies inside us all.

If I were to be a hero,

I would take on many causes,

To mend as many losses.

To spread the message alike,

That -lonely- is just for a while.

That’s my cause(s) dealt in my way. By a Poem – for words are powerful and believing in them is magical.

Science can cure diseases, only.

Placebo Effect: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Not single… I’d love to cure all the painful, incurable diseases in this world. No one deserves to suffer and die alone like it happens in the case of the EVD – Ebola virus disease. I was only taught very little about it in my microbiology class, reading about its symptoms was scary enough, to have to go through something as bad as this hemorrhagic fever is worse than dying. But the world is yet to see the ever so evolving bacterial and viral diseases which could get way out of our hands, in the time to come. Anyway, we can only hope that science does what it promises and makes world a better place. I believe, it might take some time, but science can cure diseases.

Now, lets focus on to the major pandemic that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. You see it everyday, in one way or the other, yet we all are so helpless and this illness spreads around so easily and is totally incurable. The disease of idiocy, hatred, and being inhumane. Some day science would find a cure for AIDS just like it can cure many forms of cancer today, if detected at early stages, that is. 

So, as we become more advanced the diseases that are incurable now might start getting cured, but I very highly doubt that there would be any pill that one could pop, or take a shot (injection) and become sane – something to cure idiocy. Something to set a lunatic’s head straight – who think their way of life or they, in general, are the supreme of all. Who have taken human form on this Earth to set it on the right path. As if it were going to get sucked into an unending pit of darkness and they are the only saviours. To think highly of yourself or your ways is not just wrong but also idiotic. Now cure that!!

Hatred, another thing I’d like to cure. Well, from this haughty, disdainful, imperious, supercilious behaviour one only creates hatred for themselves, and hates all others, for they think their stupidity should be praised as opposed to being reprimanded. Now cure that!! And as far as it goes, some lunatics only lose their touch with reality and the touch with the human inside them hence, the inhumane people are made on this very Earth. No one did this to them, but one single false idea of being the superior, one wrong perception and see how the world just gets screwed up (I think I am allowed to use that word).

From the fights over race, colour, culture, religion, social/financial status, work, gender… The list just keeps going on and nowadays it is very common to see fights, hatred and bullying over strength and sexual orientation as well (not necessarily together though), but  the world has some serious problems that science just can not help with. Humans made science just like all these above listed issues and only we can stop it from growing any bigger or else, one day, all of it will fall down on us. The sticks and stones will only shatter us down and we would leave nothing but those sticks and stones behind us.

Whatever happened to live and let live!! Create love, call it peace, define yourself with love – that is our race, that is our culture, that is our religion and let love be the new sexual orientation.