Superficial change?

Judgments are fine and reaching a conclusion is not wrong it should not be wrong. But the whole catch is whether the conclusion was reached after a thorough understanding or by a superficial idea of something. If being judgemental would be wrong who would be the judge for those who judge as a member of the jury. I tried making a joke but that is a mouthful.

So I have noticed two very opposing thought processes around me nowadays and they are not necessarily that of people with generation gap or anything like that. People would normally have various opinions and in this day and age when a lot of us can think for ourselves more so than ever-before, it is delightful to see that the coin finally has two sides only. I am saying this because there has been way too much being propagated as relevant in regards with politics, religion, (gosh! the two subjects one should stay away from) and power and whatnot.

All in all I am liking the change. Going from solace to solution. Going from revolution to rectification. Going from rejection to acceptance. Moving from political correctness to joking about PC. The jump from superficial to depth is apparent. Although, this change is not in full effect but many of us now consider the bigger picture and that is good news. Then again there is the other side of the coin but the good news is that, overall the times have changed as we have moved on from controlling to delegating look around there are more people who care than those who do not. These are not dark times, these are changing times. Change has been constant and it is not superficial.

Are we mighty?

Words, they are taken for granted sometimes. Anyone who pays even a little bit of attention to what they are feeding their mind or picking up from their surroundings in the form of sounds (that carry meaning) will definitely take care of the words that they utter themselves. Clearly, actions have repercussions and speech is an action too.

Words are sounds, everything is sound and when we attach meanings we call it a language or a code, music or noise etc. as we see fit. There is so much research going in the field of sound and vibrations, frequencies and their effects but the clutter in our minds kind of renders us insensitive to all of it. So much that we tend to consume more than we should and spread even the undigested.

Anything that is new will soon be a norm and then probably a habit, but what we lose in this process is the ability to choose, in the sense that, either we get used to things or we abuse them. Either way if we lose the ability to choose then who is mighty, the thing or the being?

Then there is that angle of verbal and non verbal cues playing in-sync to deliver more than what is being said which clearly makes language just another tool at the disposal of the user. So who is mighty now? It was always the meaning not the word!

And the whole idea of immense power is not only comparative in nature but also subjective to context. So, whatever gets deemed as high and mighty without clear context or actual basis for comparison can be be dangerous.

We need not fight over right or wrong. The freedom to make choices is what we should never lose. The pen is not necessarily mightier than sword, and when it comes down to being powerful just on their own neither pen nor sword is powerful. They are, in fact, just tools like the words that are brought to life with meanings that we give or attach to them. This kind of makes us mighty and that means we better be responsible and careful with what we bring to life.


P.S. Words and sword are the same letters slightly rearranged and that is awesome! Need I say more.

People do not change.

Shape Up or Ship Out: Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.


Shape up or ship out? Well that leaves me with only one option then, lots of personalities will be shipped out because hardly does any person ever change. We are moulded into ourselves when we are young and once we cross the twenties it is more of learning the new and less of changing the old. I know that about myself, call it pride but I have picked up personality traits from the people that I admire and have made my own. So, I am not looking forward to being changed by every other person that I meet. It is an admirable characteristic to  be yourself and be confident but one has to be aware of their shortcomings too with that comes balance which is perfect otherwise it becomes borderline egoistic.

Sadly, it is kind of hard to find people with even an ounce of common sense or humbleness – I saw a young lad spit out his chewing-gum from the bridge onto the road below today while changing the transit metro-train so yeah people are that stupid. I left Uni like nineteen months ago and it has been a tough ride to find like-minded people. Oh it is not just the generation gap I think it is the difference in ideologies and perception. People come from different places like literally you can take a person out of a place but not that place out of the person. I can do with that. It is supposed be like that, everyone is supposed to be different I get it, but that person just spit his gum out in the open. How can someone be okay with that?

Personalities, according to psychology, always have a pattern so keep your eyes open and behave accordingly that is my way of dealing with it. Now shaping your behaviour is the most confusing part because well I see you, I am supposed to respect you as a human, I understand you but would you do the same. At least try? This is the kind of personality I abhor, those who just won’t try to empathise, just won’t accept anything new, those who just won’t see their own fault ever, those who are just too big to bow etc.

If I can be understanding why can’t be you? So here’s what I have to say to you.

Dear stubborn, know it all, narrow minded dude.

Hello from sanity, humanity and me. Just because I take a step or two down to save you some embarrassment do not take me for your ally. We are poles apart and do not make me show it you. My attitude is shaped by you so the sooner you understand this and become a little more open-minded, little less pretentious and take off those shades that block your vision you might see the reality and the real world, which is much bigger than you can fathom.

You might just see that you are the fool who thinks they can fool anybody. So keep your self consolation to yourself and mean the words you utter because it is about time you got your plans into actions or else they will just be plans trying to find their rightful place in the distant future.

Do not want to change? Then don’t but improve.


Not so perfect Insach.


Oh wait, the last para is for a different kind of personality but I am sure we all have encountered  those who only plan and plan and then change their plans and then plan again. Annoying! Time to ship out!!


That Journey Via Old Place.

Our House: What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

I never thought, I would be the one saying this but I guess life drags each one of us to that same level. I feel like I have too much on my plate. On one hand it is not as much that I would call it “out of my hands” but I feel like each of the activity on my to-do-list takes its own time to be completed. So, indirectly what I am saying is that, the things we do and the time that they take is not in proportions at all.

We do more, and say even more, but for a tiny amount of result. Now, I am not sure if others could relate to this, but If they can then they would know what I mean. Do I mean the way we do things lacks efficiency? May be yes, but I think I am referring to the fact that we give importance to trivial matters a lot more than we think.

Here is the backstory; I was required to go to some outstation place for another of those work trips and nothing was sorted out (until the last minute), to make matters worse the trains were cancelled too and my seniors clearly said that they would take care of it “later” because, you know how much time such “trivial” matters consume (sarcasm). And as it goes… they did not take care of anything until the last minute second, to be precise. 

Oh, how our seniors always have hundreds of things to take care of, but we do not. I mean we are not rocket scientists and therefore, do not have anything to do. Also, it is no use trying to explain that you have a life outside work because somehow it is presumed that you do not have one. 

However, It is in crisis like these that you get to see the true face of a person. I must say the truth could have been ugly, fortunately it was all right not great though, but okay. Who cares if it was not even my field of work to begin with – I have no choice but to take it as a learning experience.

Sadly situations like these, small matters like these, and the whole aftermath (psychological analysis) of an event like this occupies our precious time – what a wastage of resources!? Anyway, all’s well that ends well

Jumping onto the prompt, while on this aforementioned work-trip to the neighbouring city, I passed by my Junior high School. Yes, nostalgia was at its peak, after all it was the School that I attended back in third grade as a small kid. I did not have much time to walk down the memory lane, but I sure felt a sense of pride, I guess, from the fact that I have come quite a long way from where I was. Simple as that… it was good.

And so was my old abode – good! Views of the open sky, a vacant green plot of land in the front, spacious veranda, hall etc. very little noise (all the noise was me, my brother and our friends). I was three so that is all I remember. Rest is here.  (