Don’t just believe.

The fresh morning dew
On the grass so green
First ray of sunlight
Makes it gleam.
A little chilly and
The air so clean.
Smell of the pine
This feels like a dream.
A few pretty birds
Chirping and flying.
Singing songs,
Dancing with the wind.
It is the usual.
This serene scene.
So bright, so beautiful.
One must mention it.
As I paint the picture…
You experience it too.
How magical is that!?
No need to believe
A thing or two.
For what is real
Always comes to us.
Then, why waste time
In placing your trust…
If you believe anything,
One thing is a must.
Live it! Don’t just believe it.
Before time turns all of it to dust.

Are we mighty?

Words, they are taken for granted sometimes. Anyone who pays even a little bit of attention to what they are feeding their mind or picking up from their surroundings in the form of sounds (that carry meaning) will definitely take care of the words that they utter themselves. Clearly, actions have repercussions and speech is an action too.

Words are sounds, everything is sound and when we attach meanings we call it a language or a code, music or noise etc. as we see fit. There is so much research going in the field of sound and vibrations, frequencies and their effects but the clutter in our minds kind of renders us insensitive to all of it. So much that we tend to consume more than we should and spread even the undigested.

Anything that is new will soon be a norm and then probably a habit, but what we lose in this process is the ability to choose, in the sense that, either we get used to things or we abuse them. Either way if we lose the ability to choose then who is mighty, the thing or the being?

Then there is that angle of verbal and non verbal cues playing in-sync to deliver more than what is being said which clearly makes language just another tool at the disposal of the user. So who is mighty now? It was always the meaning not the word!

And the whole idea of immense power is not only comparative in nature but also subjective to context. So, whatever gets deemed as high and mighty without clear context or actual basis for comparison can be be dangerous.

We need not fight over right or wrong. The freedom to make choices is what we should never lose. The pen is not necessarily mightier than sword, and when it comes down to being powerful just on their own neither pen nor sword is powerful. They are, in fact, just tools like the words that are brought to life with meanings that we give or attach to them. This kind of makes us mighty and that means we better be responsible and careful with what we bring to life.


P.S. Words and sword are the same letters slightly rearranged and that is awesome! Need I say more.

Miniature Budai

Miniature laughing Buddha. One of my cousin sisters gave it to me a long time back (entirely different but fun story about walking up a hill to reach a temple). From one of the souvenir shops near by, she bought it for me, more like took it from the shop and gave it to me. Fun incident; shop-lifting from a temple-shop.

Well, she did not have to pay for it because the shop-keeper was an acquaintance of theirs so, it was all okay and then while handing it to me she told me that rubbing Budai’s belly would bring good luck to me. Even the folklore suggest the same thing.

Now, I am not the kind who hangs onto such beliefs that encourage dependency, but just look at the smiling face of this little representation of Budai. I do not know about good luck but it sure does make me smile. It is the smile, the laughing face is quite content it instantly puts me to good mood.

Even though it has worn off a little the magic is still there. Give it a try. Have a look!



Having all that you “NEED” is sufficient to be content. And something to eat (in your hand) is just an added blessing.  

What is the use of having all the wisdom, all the luxuries and the best of everything in life if a person can not carry a simple smile with radiant happiness and contentment. Seriously, the lesser the baggage the bigger the smile. That is message I got.

False and flawed.

Humans, we are no less than our animal counterparts.

Flawed in so many ways that various sets of people have simply made their minds to blindly follow ‘a’ false path of being “the perfect” human. Like I said no less than our animal counterparts! Only if we focussed on being human and humane than on the perfect aspect of it.

This idea of perfection varies among people and that brings them to their true-selves; animals. Ah! the world and its false ways have kept so many in the flawed system for so long that many of them do not even know what is right anymore. This goes for the very basic things like politics, race, gender, sexuality to the extremes like religion and power.

To prove right and to rise one must defend and not by putting others’ (ideologies) down or being offensive. But wait that is what animals do. Power goes to the strongest – and that is how some have forgotten that we, the so called intelligent species could make the difference just by being true to ourselves. It is getting messier out there.

Something or Someone?

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

It does sound like an interesting idea.

Shlokas and Vedas definitely support the idea of reincarnation and the epics of the same could be found in Hindu-mythology which provides us, intensively, with stories of someone reincarnating for the sake of humanity and to win over evil powers.

One such Sholka that almost everyone listens to, if not necessarily learn for the Sanskrit class as a child, goes something like this…

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir-bhavati bharata

Abhythanam-adharmasya tad-atmanam srija-myaham

Paritranaya sadhunaam vinashay cha dush-krutam

Dharma-sansthapan-arthay sambhavami yuge yuge.

That is the English version of the actual Sanskrit verse, but for someone who knows Hindi this verse is an easy one to translate and understand. Yes, Sanskrit is different and very hard as compared to Hindi and no, it is not used anymore. Hence, it is like a foreign language even in its own land. I am just one of those who likes knowing what is ought to be known like this amazing verse from the Bhagavad Gita, which I have never read though.

Oh yeah the verse actually talks of someone, the saviour or the almighty or god, use a noun that suits your fancy but the idea is of it/them reincarnating. And not just reincarnation but a purposeful comeback. As I was told by the elders that, god  would come back (reincarnate, I guess) for ‘Dharma-sansthapan-arthay’ meaning to establishe righteousness whenever and as many times there is a “galani to the Dharma” meaning unrighteousness.

And if I am not wrong every religion believes in the very same idea of a saviour and yet there are some who say things like ours is better than yours.

Anyway staying on the topic, so it is not just reincarnation there is more. Another belief  is that, one has to do great deeds before being incranated as a human and also that one can be reincarnated as a human after being incarnated as 84 lakh other kinds of living things. I believe this includes plants, animals and microorganisms. Yes our ancestors were way too deep and serious about all this. Not to forget they also talked about the ways how one could get out of this endless cycle of karma – the births and deaths and re-birthing by attaining Moksha* the word literally means liberation.

Get this… In many parts of the country during funerals a heap of flour is evenly spread to from something like a circle in a quiet corner of the house which is then covered with a basket and is left undisturbed for sometime before someone lifts the basket and carefully analyses the flour for any kind of prints, mind you it was undisturbed and covered, and I am telling this from experience, prints appear onto the flour. These prints mean being reincarnated as someone or something Once I saw a flower print in someone’s funeral that I attended when I was very young.

So imagine being brought up being surrounded with all that. I believe my western friends would find it overwhelming, interesting or maybe even funny. And with all this knowledge and information but no proofs though, I am not really able to deny the  idea of reincarnation. Come to think of it, it might just be an idea like aliens – too many secrets too less time to unravel them all. Interesting prompt but I will take spirituality over religious beliefs any day.

*I find it funny how I have to add an ‘a’at the end of every Hindi word written in English just because even our consonants end with ‘a’ sound – phonetically speaking.




Science can cure diseases, only.

Placebo Effect: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Not single… I’d love to cure all the painful, incurable diseases in this world. No one deserves to suffer and die alone like it happens in the case of the EVD – Ebola virus disease. I was only taught very little about it in my microbiology class, reading about its symptoms was scary enough, to have to go through something as bad as this hemorrhagic fever is worse than dying. But the world is yet to see the ever so evolving bacterial and viral diseases which could get way out of our hands, in the time to come. Anyway, we can only hope that science does what it promises and makes world a better place. I believe, it might take some time, but science can cure diseases.

Now, lets focus on to the major pandemic that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. You see it everyday, in one way or the other, yet we all are so helpless and this illness spreads around so easily and is totally incurable. The disease of idiocy, hatred, and being inhumane. Some day science would find a cure for AIDS just like it can cure many forms of cancer today, if detected at early stages, that is. 

So, as we become more advanced the diseases that are incurable now might start getting cured, but I very highly doubt that there would be any pill that one could pop, or take a shot (injection) and become sane – something to cure idiocy. Something to set a lunatic’s head straight – who think their way of life or they, in general, are the supreme of all. Who have taken human form on this Earth to set it on the right path. As if it were going to get sucked into an unending pit of darkness and they are the only saviours. To think highly of yourself or your ways is not just wrong but also idiotic. Now cure that!!

Hatred, another thing I’d like to cure. Well, from this haughty, disdainful, imperious, supercilious behaviour one only creates hatred for themselves, and hates all others, for they think their stupidity should be praised as opposed to being reprimanded. Now cure that!! And as far as it goes, some lunatics only lose their touch with reality and the touch with the human inside them hence, the inhumane people are made on this very Earth. No one did this to them, but one single false idea of being the superior, one wrong perception and see how the world just gets screwed up (I think I am allowed to use that word).

From the fights over race, colour, culture, religion, social/financial status, work, gender… The list just keeps going on and nowadays it is very common to see fights, hatred and bullying over strength and sexual orientation as well (not necessarily together though), but  the world has some serious problems that science just can not help with. Humans made science just like all these above listed issues and only we can stop it from growing any bigger or else, one day, all of it will fall down on us. The sticks and stones will only shatter us down and we would leave nothing but those sticks and stones behind us.

Whatever happened to live and let live!! Create love, call it peace, define yourself with love – that is our race, that is our culture, that is our religion and let love be the new sexual orientation.