End of the world?

2020!! I think just mentioning 2020 is enough to suggest where I am going with this post. This year has been like any other year to be honest, except that it seems like the end of the world is here. Many have been predicting the end of the world for so long now that it is actually HERE.

One would wonder, is it really end of the world though? Yes, it is. I think owing to the imagery set by various religious beliefs and thanks to Hollywood movies – we expect the apocalypse to be more dramatic than a pandemic. Nuclear war, zombie attacks, asteroids hitting the planet, aliens… But a virus is what has brought the most intelligent species on the planet to its knees.

End of world it is, but first what is world? We have this habit of seeing the earth as the world but in reality earth is just another planet – it is the humans and the other life forms that make the world what it is. So it is the end of the world as we know it. That is what it really is.

The way we have been walking upon the planet, the way we have been doing “our” thing with quite a disregard for other inhabitants of this planet, the way we are – has gotten us into this predicament. Think about it, with all the technological advancements and all the wealth in the world – we are running against time and still have not found a solution to the problem that is this pandemic.

Vaccination will take its time and even that is not a proper solution – it will come with its own price; the side effects and the scale at which these vaccination drives will need to be arranged will pose a bigger problem. In the meantime, we have no solution but only protection as a means to safeguard against the spread of the disease. Lock-downs were a good method of protection but most countries failed at it, because not all of us can sit tight. We failed – “to err is human”. 

To err is human… Is this going to be the reason of our downfall – the idea that as humans we are bound to make errors? I think it is appreciable that we are aware of ourselves, and that we can see the imperfection and limitations of our ways eventually land us in error. But I think for the mistakes we make in this pandemic, the price we would have to pay, as a humanity, will be far more than what we had to before.

End of the world does not seem like such a bad thing if we look at it with a positive outlook. The positive aspect of it is that, the old ways will have to come to an end for a new world to be established. We could choose to see this as an opportunity for evolution. Evolution of human intelligence, emotions, and most definitely actions. Do we need to slow down? Probably, but we most definitely need to become more understanding of the harmony that needs to be brought back.

It is because we are in disharmony with the our surroundings and in turn with the planet, our home, that we did not realise how much of a mess we had made – in and around us. Only when we were forced to sit in and stare at ourselves in the eye did we start to bring changes in our “normal” lives.

It is like mother earth put us in detention and its about time we make amends. The good thing is that we can! We still can.


The world is our oyster, but that does not mean we go around jumping from one thing to another, all the time. Sometimes what I need is not out there in the world. The world is still my oyster but does that mean that is where I stop, it is like limiting the possibilities of “I”. I mean, what the world offers is what the world has in store for me, but what I am or I can be, must not be over looked, and sadly no one else but I would be the first one to give up on myself. Unfortunately, many would relate to this.

So it becomes more like world is our oyster and we shall try to fit ourselves in what they have to offer, after all what is world? You and me and if I am not where I a want to be then I am just looking at you or them. But if everyone looked at you, we all would be you. What kind of world would that be?

We all want to be someone. When was the world even seen as an oyster, I do not think it’s always about what is out there for us, sometimes it is just about what life drags to us. As I see it, I am being made by what I get, more so by what I choose, and even more by what I do not choose. Why necessarily be them when I can take a little bit of this a little bit of that and tailor it for myself.

What we are offered and our choices based upon that might make us. But accepting and becoming part of the norm lacks the tailoring that becomes a possibility only when you deny, when you reject, and rather choose to blossom on your own or choose to watch yourself blossom – just a flip side of the same coin.


Not OCD, OTD! Obsessive Thinking Disorder. Not a compulsive behavior but a deliberate process of thinking more than required. How many people suffer form OTD!? I know I do. What a freaking waste of time and energy! But the very fact that I am writing about it clears one thing that, I am aware of this disorder and awareness is the first step to acceptance and with acceptance we can move on to next step – rectification.

We should be aware of our thoughts, that is very basic understanding. And once you know about OTD, asking your mind to shut up should actually help. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. You can not stop your thoughts. It is easier to be filled with fear of something wrong happening while being very happy but doing the opposite; feeling happy while having sad thoughts is impossible. And that is another belief. Yes, this is where ignorance becomes a bliss, the less we know about the world made beliefs the more of self-belief we have.

Anyway the point is OTD is so common specially among the young ones. We just like to think so much and create vivid images of what might go wrong instead of just going for something. What went wrong, where and when!?

I believe that as kids we just lived care free and that is the trait we need to bring back. Careful is okay worrying all the time is not. And it is okay to think…. Actually no, it is better to just give “A” thought to something. Just a thought – singular.

Weighing the pros and cons is not similar to just looking at the pros or just the cons. Both are important, but are you thinking “over it” or about it”? That should be the question because there is a difference which will change the approach and the pattern of thoughts. Trying to stop a flood when it has happened is futile, but creating the diversion for that powerful flow, now that is possible. Do not stop your thoughts try to change them instead. This sounds like some famous quote.

You could check whether you are thinking over it, about it, or paying too much attention to the “supposed outcomes. And if nothing makes sense why not just take a leap?  Not necessarily a leap of faith, more like following your instincts, gut feelings and nothing else. It is faster and mentally less exhausting. Make your own mistakes; learn, fall, stand back up, nothing embarrassing in that. Come to think of it even that sounds like a trigger for OTD, fear of failure!! In its essence fear is the culprit.


How Profound?

Profound, anything that is even near this word is just going to be extreme. Anything defined by it would be of quite importance. And for sure that will lead on to having a huge impact.

Can same rule apply to the quality of our thoughts? I came across a piece of information that suggests that human brain is simply so strong that a single thought, if turned into a belief, could bring about the chemical changes mimicking the exact changes that take place when something happens for real.

It is exactly like being tricked into thinking that a massive tragedy has taken place, we would be extremely affected by the kind of thoughts we create after hearing about the tragedy (even when we have just heard about it).

Or in case when we watch someone else go through it (even if it is in a movie) like, while watching the movie – About Time – the moment Tim’s wife suggest they have a third child and Tim realises that it would bring an end to his time travel meetings with his deceased father, we feel for him because we create the Kind of thoughts he has.

“Kind of thoughts” this is important because thoughts have a profound effect on us and these thoughts get manifested into emotions and behaviours even before we know it.

Old sayings like “मन के हारे हार है, मन के जीते जीत” (man ke jeete jeet man ke hare har) meaning that if we think we’d lose, we’d definitely lose. On the other hand if we’d think that no matter what we will win, we will win indeed.

Need I say more the brain washing of many a people has created useless ruckus all around us. They do not need any mention. Some of them are in power and some are just sitting inside their bedrooms planning their next conniving actions. If “they” can have enough will power or lets say the control over their brains that, they can follow a single thought and take such extreme steps; completely illegal, completely inhumane, mostly stupid, just because they believe they are right, why should the rest of us stop our powerful positivity?!

As it seems the good does not manifest easily because the ones who know enough, keep on questioning themselves and the ones who do not know it too well…. we all know where that ends! It has come to this, we shall learn from the rebels and the extremists that believing is more important than having to know it all. But lets do it in a very good way!

How profoundly does the quality of your thoughts affect you now?


Well, to begin with one of the cause of crisis is in crISIS itself, it is quiet conspicuous. The world is in so many crises where can one even begin? I would talk of what is in our control. The emotional, mental, physical crisis.

It is no news that, when we are at our best, the things we do are the best and that is exactly how one becomes useful. Do not own an NGO? No big deal! Can not collect enough for charity? No big deal. But not having time for yourself? Not really your fault.

Even though it is not our fault, not being able to take care of our own self would mean not being able to give. And that is sad. That is the real crisis. Like the old age saying goes charity begins at home. Home meaning people living in it, and that would be me?!

Like these sayings, thoughts, proverbs etc… we know lot, but how much of it are we really using? How much do we really remember? How much do we really apply? Not much, not until a breakdown do we have an “oh snap!” moment that brings sense to the whole drama or sometimes a charade. Procrastination can work every where else but not on the body. It is a state of crisis, not being able to give time, money, love, encouragement, happiness, bliss to our own self.

It is a crisis to be living in past, to be living in future and wasting the present. It is a crisis to give time to everything but to yourself. Letting loose is not a luxury, should not be! It is nature and nature is not wrong. Until you love yourself you can not love anyone else – that is a serious crisis.

Talk about love and there are people with true love and some with a series of bad relationships. It is not the victim’s fault that they get cheated on. But can one be that negligent and unaware of their partner that they did not see it coming? Honestly, no one is. It is just the fear of being rejected, being lonely that holds them back not negligence. In a way investing in such a relationship is like deceiving yourself. It is never easy, but won’t it help to hit the eject button now than on a later stage.

I mean, when ever you know or feel it – allow yourself to be at peace and give it up immediately. Toxin is good for nothing. There is no need to go through the emotional, mental and at times physical pain. What ever the state, which ever the crisis, love your self and be your self. That is what we have been taught and that is what we need to remember.

Crises always erupt where there is lack of love and compassion.


Does it mean fragile? And can the in-tangible be fragile? We say someone’s of weak heart, do we mean weak of heart medically or weak of heart as coward or in general sensitive? Did we misuse the word weak or was it so obvious that humans are not humans without their in-tangible part.

So when we have known it all along and when we all are frail except for some who were cut out of stone, why hurt anyone in anyway?! One should treat others not as they would like to be treated but with love or they should just take a hike.


What we live is a lie.

What we feel is a lie.

What we experience is a lie.

Just because one day we die!?


What we have is not ours.

What we gave was not ours.

What we receive is not ours.

And we thought this life is?


What we understand is our fault.

What we do not get is our fault.

What we could have known is now lost.

Things heading our way could be false.


They think they are right.

I think I am, you think you are right.

Even though no one’s even aware of…

What’s not in the light.


All this might be true but we can not live every minute in realisation of the fact that we are indeed going to die. Taken in a positive way, we go out and live to the fullest and taken negatively, why put any efforts in anything when all of it is headed for THE dead end!

When you live, love and laugh do think of it as your last because the way things are killing has become a joke as if it’s a norm so do not let the dark clouds on your life bother you because NOW life really is uncertain, unpredictable. It’s not only nature that kills anymore, but anyone, anyway, anyhow can end someone else’s life. It is devastating to see what it all has come to!!

Living beings are supposed to live before they die. Some die on a daily basis carrying useless past hatred, pain and burdens (Let them go just let them…) And to those living out there be safe! The “Live” part of life is slipping out of hands or could be taken away. Is all that is left of life is to die?

My thoughts go out to everyone who have suffered or are suffering due to all the wrong happening around.

False and flawed.

Humans, we are no less than our animal counterparts.

Flawed in so many ways that various sets of people have simply made their minds to blindly follow ‘a’ false path of being “the perfect” human. Like I said no less than our animal counterparts! Only if we focussed on being human and humane than on the perfect aspect of it.

This idea of perfection varies among people and that brings them to their true-selves; animals. Ah! the world and its false ways have kept so many in the flawed system for so long that many of them do not even know what is right anymore. This goes for the very basic things like politics, race, gender, sexuality to the extremes like religion and power.

To prove right and to rise one must defend and not by putting others’ (ideologies) down or being offensive. But wait that is what animals do. Power goes to the strongest – and that is how some have forgotten that we, the so called intelligent species could make the difference just by being true to ourselves. It is getting messier out there.

Perfect Nap

Is it just me or are these one word prompts just really really random!?


Bedtime with a head full of thoughts – Not a good idea.

Bedtime with a mind full of doubts – still not a good idea.


Bedtime with you heart in some else’s hand – not so bad.

Bedtime with your lovers’ hand by your side – never sad.


Bedtime after a story – morning full of glory.

Bedtime after a chatter – morning full of laughter.


Bedtime being all alone – never a choice.

Bedtime after a hard day – always the best.


If it is comfortable and your heart content, sleep comes easy. But not to everyone mostly because the head wants to think and the heart wants what it wants. Sometimes as you try to sleep your brains like… initiating insomnia in 3, 2, 1. Oh, the struggles!


A black cat and a white cat.

Once upon a time there was a black cat that was best friends with a white cat. They were neighbours and their families were really close too. One day they were playing with each other and they thought of wandering into the human world. Well, it was not too far away considering they lived in an alley so just a paw steps and cat-walk away there they were in the chaotic human empire.

As the story goes the whole nearby human population was astonished to see a cat as white as the clouds and as fluffy as cotton roaming around with a cat that was dark as a star-less night. It just seemed odd to the people and the black cat took a quick notice of how the humans were paying a lot of attention to the white cat and only a few looked at the marvelously black, shiny coat that the black cat had.

It was all mind boggling to the young cats as to why would humans differentiate them at all.. After all they came from a town of cats and they both were cats to the very core. It was not clear until the cats crossed a pedestrian’s way. That human saw the white cat cross his path first and did not even give a dime but the moment he noticed the black cat following the white and that “this” cat was also about to cross his path, he acted erratically and try to shoo it away.

This hurt the black cat a little but more so the white cat was unhappy for what had just happened with its friend. And so they both ran back to their town and told of the incident to the other cats and then an elder cat came in and clearly stated the reason for the man’s behaviour.

The young cats were astonished at what they had just heard. “Black cats bring bad luck but how?” “We were merely going are way”, they said.

“Oh, my children there is an old saying that, we might cross the path of a human but so do they”, said the elder cat.

“So what is this… A blame game?”, said the young ones.

“Yes, my children. Not just humans we all have a habit of finding a reason for everything that happens to us. Good or bad, who cares? It is always something or someone’s doing”, said the old wise white cat with the black  spots.

So the moral of the story is it is all in your perception. Carry a negative thought, meet with an accident… Blame your thoughts not the things that you associate your thoughts with. The number of superstitions and the variety in them all over the world is mind blowing but I think this – black cat brings bad luck – is a standard superstition, quite famous it is. But let’s listen to the wise elder cat and just go about our day and stop reasoning everything out.