Shiny on the surface

The grass is not only greener from a distance but everything is in glitter. What we have we can not appreciate what we do not have, our desire for it keeps us from enjoying the present and whatever shines must become one of our possessions.

It is our nature to look out for ourselves and we try to obtain the best of what is available but even when we are all moving forward and polishing more than just the outer surface as humans it is only natural to miss a spot or two on the inside.

Missing spots only makes us humans, makes us normal, I mean who is perfect anyway. I might be shiny on the surface but I have my darker side too and as duality exists in reality there is no good without bad. It is mostly by choice that one is good because it really does not matter these days, it is not really useful as compared to being cunning.

But even with all the talk over this, the goodness and the good, strange things still happen. Mr. Trump did win after all, right? I do not have an opinion on how good he will be as a politician because I am not even in the US, but there have been enough occasions where his behaviour, to put it politely, was questionable.

So as my point is, even when we are heading into this state of common consciousness where we all know a lot, all share a lot, and everyone is talking a lot about the bigger and the better, most of it is out on the surface. Not that it is bad, at least there is a talk, but unless it comes from deep within we can not expect a triumph of good over evil any soon.

What is a shiny car with an old engine, it might look good but it is only a show piece and that is not what is car is for.


Be ready.

Good Tidings: Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Ten years ago, I was not allowed to have coffee and even today I am not a huge fan of coffee or tea. So, I’ll meet myself for a lunch instead. Anyways, if it was possible, I would have a meeting with the younger me and tell him straight away, “Do what you are doing, the world is not going anywhere. And try if you may, but a lot things in life will stay a mystery. So, take it slow and steady – Enjoy.”

Also, the biggest challenge(s) would be the CHANGEs.
The most rewarding would be NOTHINg – So, do not keep your hopes up high. Nevertheless, be optimistic.
And The most fun thing would be each and every MOMENt you will be spending with your family and friends.
Past-me, “That’s it?? You are summing up my next ten years in mere three sentences”
Present-me, “Yeah, because growing up is what you’d mostly be busy doing”
Past-me. “What? There is still more to know and learn?”
Present-me, “They do not call learning a life long process for nothing”
Past-me, “Whatever.”

Well, the kid has no idea but that is how it rolls – very slowly. For some people a lot happens in no time while for others a lot less happens even over a long span of time but everything changes and for that we should be ready. Take care of the small things, the bigger ones would (i.e hoping would) fall into places.