Why, Thank You?

What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received?


Someone: “Wow, you seem to have put on some weight.” I say, “Why, Thank you.”

Wait, really??

For me this statement has been used so many times, all through my School and college years, that I started doubting it. And I was right, it was not just a statement it was mostly a polite question (at least the facial expressions hinted so). An ectomorph body type that I am, I have a fast metabolism and not only do I tend to eat more, I do not gain weight easily either (many would say blessing in disguise). On one hand I am healthy looking lean person but on the other, I am not really in as good a shape as I would love to be in. Gaining muscles wasn’t easy either which is a matter of utmost importance for every teenage boy. 

This is not the best or the worst but the only backhanded compliment that I could think of right now. I know how difficult it is when it comes on to physical appearances. People try to be polite but they end up being brutal – not every fat person wants to hear, “you look thin in that” and thin people do not like the redundant compliments like, “no need of belts, I see”. Although, not every one means it in the wrong way, it is best to avoid the whole topic because you never know what the other person might hear? and how they might perceive your gestures?

We are known to hear what we want to and perceive how we want to. So, I suggest stay away from reading too much into them.