Uniform(s) – story time.

This word just speaks to the child in me, more so to my memories of when I was a school-going kid. Not more than seven years ago I was in high-school and all through my schooling, as a norm, I wore a uniform (that rhymed). Not to mention how easier it was to just get up and get ready because all I had to do was follow a routine, wear the same old but hassle-free uniform and I was done.

To make it fancy there was a special sports uniform representing the colour of the house you belonged to. Sort of like the houses in Hogworts, we had four in our school it was almost like Gryffindor and slytherin situation, but our houses were based on colour of roses. I was in the red rose house. So, I had like a red t-shirt, white shorts or pants and shoes. Others were blue rose, yellow rose and black rose. Cool, right? We did have inter house competitions; sports and academics, but nothing as cool or magical as flying-broom-Quidditch-match.

I still can not imagine how School kids manage to choose what to wear in the western world. I think it could easily begin with “what you wear” and go to “how you wear”, finally coming down to “who you are wearing?” at a young age. For us, considering the wide disparity among the school children and their backgrounds, uniform(s) made it all pretty uniform. Otherwise, with all the variety of people coming from various cultures representing their own religious beliefs and traditions schools would have looked like a festival ground. Colours everywhere! Real vibrant and bright ones. Hmmm distraction!

College and professional settings are different, you choose to dress as everyone else, there is a dress code if not a uniform. As a grown up you either learn to fit in or to stand out in your own way but it is neither as influential nor it is within the four walls like in a school-setting. For me having changed four schools and five uniform(s), it was fun. I was part of more than four houses namely; tulip house in the kinder garten, surya (sun) house in the middle school, later Gandhi house in the middle school and finally a red rose. Ah! stories and memories.


LOL or may be lol.

A friend can tickle,
Spots unknown to others.
Friends can act crazy,
Just for your laughter.
A small giggle a little smile.
We all shared them all the while,
In classes, in games,
In all the serious places it seems.
A joke, a wink, a smirk
Be it from miles away.
Still it works.
or a laugh out little.
But you know…
You want to burst.
So chuckle away!

Seriousness… where?


Ah! friendships. It is not only amazing to have friends, I mean people of you own age who know what the world is and can totally relate to you on every level concerning today’s times and scenarios, but it is kind of unreal. I mean in a world full of strangers family is something we were given but friends we get to choose and that in itself gives us the ability to pick the ones we like, the ones we click with, and the ones that take you away from everything else into a world where only you matter.

It is like love but without all the “compulsions” or “formalities” I mean you are in sort of an open relationship where you can be with one person and still enjoy the company (platonic company) of other people of your choice.

The most beautiful aspect of this relationship is the very absence of seriousness. I mean every group of friends that I have ever come to know has their own language, codes and various other ways of communication and also a mutual encouragement and appreciation for each other’s thoughts and opinions which at times could be utter bull-crap. 

I met my school friends today. It has been 7 years (there is a song with this name) since the time we would be in one room sitting and chatting, studying and spending most of the day with each other.

And today we spent the entire noon and evening at a local bar and it was a journey from past to the present to the future and regardless how many struggles we have in our personal lives, nothing mattered and time slowed down and the best part was there was no seriousness at all, only fun on a crazy level.

I am so grateful that I have made amazing new friends but even after being in separate countries with full time jobs whenever I meet my old-friends, like once a year or so, we do not have to give each other a recap at all because we just know each other’s lives and that is like amazing friendship, right? You meet and talk like you were together last evening too. Yes the technology plays a part but its all up to how strong a relationship is.

And that feels like being in the element. Playful, grateful and happy just being in the moment as it should be every moment each day.

2017 – 14/365

Had sort of a disagreement with my friends over my attitude concerning another friend’s behaviour. We have had disagreements before but this seemed like a fight (we have had those too). Come to think of it, in any group dynamics or relationship building, the foundation stays weak or vulnerable if it is too smooth – must have cracks. You need to have a healthy and open environment for confrontations and confuting lest the group becomes used to groupthink.

Okay that is too much psychology but it is a known fact that no love exists without clashes. And what is a relationship without complete honesty and if you are totally honest then you can not really please everyone, as much that is a sign of individuality it also teaches others to be tolerant (or shows how much they already are). So I guess it is useful to bring it all out in the open. Today we are stronger than before.

Acknowledge, accept, process and let go – Insach


Infinite like the sky.

I had planned on going to this amazing roof top restaurant with my friends and instead of going there directly we wandered into a near by monument for two reasons, one to pass time and make it lunch appropriate and two just because we all felt like doing something more than just going out to eat.

The monument visit was a great idea, it was nice as they usually are, tall and strong and a little damaged with time but still standing. We admired the work and the history behind building it, and found a quite place to chit chat there before heading towards the restaurant.

Here is the funny part, this fancy place famous for its 25th floor roof top resto-bar with its scenic skyline, night-life, and good food does not open until 7 pm and there we were trying to make it to lunch. Driven crazy with hunger we had no choice but to find another place. So we did.

This new place was in no comparison to the earlier one but going with the flow of things we did what made sense, moved onto the next best thing  in this case not necessarily the best but keeping with the day’s theme it was a new place.

At the end though we ended up having fun and that is that, with friends all you really want is the time to either pause or be infinite. Yes, infinite like the sky-line we plan on seeing next month when we go to this restaurant again, but this time with all information so that we won’t have to return with just a halfhearted thank you like we had to say to the guard today.

The best part is how we did not really get disappointed that the plan was totally spoilt, for the second time in a row, rather we moved on so quickly by accepting the situation and made a new plan and agreed on revisiting that place soon. This only goes to show that we just needed each other’s company. Fancy place or not did not seem to matter much. We have definitely grown a lot and I am really proud of all of us.

Ain’t no flattery!

Hello my lovely readers been away for a while, had a few things to sort out. The inevitable change seems to be following me like a bee that is after nectar, seems like a good enough metaphor to sum it up. Nonetheless, on with the poetry bug…


Flattery in each endeavour.

When seeking favours.

But no sugar,  no lime.

When it is about friends.

Real words with all mind.

Truth down to every dime.


Right? Now that is true form of a relationship because it is much deeper than just favours.

Along the same line here is a ShoutOut to a  really good cover of a millennial music piece. Ain’t no flattery when it comes to showcasing your friends’ talent. In all honesty, this piece was sung and recorded by my friends in their OWN recording STUDIO. Now that is called making it big. Do check it out guys!

Note: The use of certain words from the lyrics is not suitable for younger audience. It is only for entertainment purposes so have fun.

Also, if you are in the Delhi region and are looking for a fabulous studio quality recording you may want to get in touch by their websites:
Red Circle Productions
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivc43ANr3w8Cqgd3RxO2yQ




Only here…

2011-12-22 11.59.24.jpg

Cool Isn’t it?

Only here and no where else in the world can you find the huge difference in not only dialects but entire language. The cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity is something that is celebrated through out the country almost on a daily basis.

If you think that you know enough of this land by knowing what Holi and Diwali means let me tell you are not even close to the reality. Those two are just two of the many more festivals that we have here. And the best part is getting to have lots of national holidays.

One can find people living in pristine locations, holding tightly on to traditions while fast paced cities with busy people having no time for rituals and festivities on a frequent basis. So those villages become cultural hubs.

We too have those super traditional, sometimes little rigid, people living in far away places who do not miss a single festival and even to my surprise have their own festivals. Like extra ones just for them. Our whole culture is about feasting and fasting but regularly because extremism never works for the good so why put a date on it, do it weekly or even for months on end.

Most of these festivals have their roots in changing seasons, moving planets, changing society, familial events oh and the ever so prevalent religion. And we do not shy away from celebrating each other’s festivals. Honestly that is when I have seen humanity at its best and the real vision of, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – a Sanskrit phrase meaning “the world is one family”, is in front of my eyes.

Imagine someone being brought up surrounded by love and with the concept of being different and being equal. The simplicity that people share at this point is on another level because it is not about mine or yours and it is all about ours.

Very obviously I do celebrate Holi, Diwali and all the related ones and it might sound strange to you but I have the same amount of enthusiasm for Eid and Christmas. And I do not celebrate in the name of having fun but I like to know the very reason behind celebration because that is how you can really savour it or you end up feeling like an uninvited plus one to some friend of friend’s party.

When I was in college I would take sweets and share with my Muslim friend and with the same heart we waited for her to bring us some of the most amazing sweet dishes they would make on Mithi Eid (lit. translation Sweet Eid). There are more of such stories like legit celebrating Christmas in college. Perplexed?

I and my friends, we all wore some form of red and white on X’mas eve, bunked our classes, found a quiet place, sat, chatted and sang carols. One of the friend was made the Santa, she was supposed to get the gifts. I was the interchange of arranging the Dundee and my most favourite plum cake. While another of us made amazing cards with personal messages, which was a surprise and none of us is even Christian.

Man we had so much fun! Now I miss my college friends and School was fun as well. So only here and any place where a human heart beats humanity comes naturally even when EVERYONE is different.


Fear and only fear has the strength to shake my core. I fear a few things, who does not? But I stay away from it by living in now; focusing on now has its benefits and that is the lack of time which I would otherwise use to sit and force myself into bad/sad mood merely by thoughts.

I get cold sweats at the thought of losing loved ones, being alone, not finding love, being alone. Oh, I have already mentioned it but yes. I have figured that, it is the most common of all fears – being alone. No one likes embarrassments, no one likes failure, but I would say these are still manageable because you would have some to fall back on. I mean having someone to share my sadness and happiness with, gives me that strength to just go through it all.

You know like children holding on to their parent’s fingers or the way they just run to them, their safe haven, whenever they are scared.

A shoulder to cry on or somebody to boogy with when you are on top of the world. It is a need. Now, imagine failing at something or just falling down, and not having a single person to talk to, share with, let alone someone to crying it out to. Imagine being happy and not being congratulated by the closest of your relations. It won’t even feel like a celebration. There won’t be any party, be it pity party or the good kind.

This also points out the fact that sacrificing everything for that one thing which we believe would fetch us all the luxury in life will not feel as much of a pinnacle when we finally get it if we have no one to celebrate it with.

I am all about being the lone wolf, being away from drama and baggage to get better things in life, but I like to keep a check on my priorities because they can not be static. Had I kept my priorities static I would have lost more than I did acquire or experience till today. Dependency on someone is not good but honestly if its love than why not. Just give, receive, take, lend! To the ones you know and to the ones you do not!

In the essence of my post and in lines with the fear of losing loved ones, there is a fine line between actually being with someone and spending quality time with them or just having a relationship. This needs a mention… Are you just Friends with someone or do you guys really chat it out? Do you laugh it out? Do you vent it out? Do you fight it out? Are you making memories or  are you too busy just filling your pockets and camera rolls?

I am relieved to know that I might have made some bold choices like, when I would sit with my granny listening to her stories for hours on end during my exams. Honestly, the fear of failing was not as much as the fear of not getting that moment back. As a student it was a hard decision and risks require tactics. So, I studied at nights instead and enjoyed my days with my grandparents.

I ended up getting three things out of it. Amazing memories to look back on, good grades (because when you are satisfied emotionally you do better every way), and appreciation for my hard work – just because I was studying late night it seemed like I was working too hard. Although I was not really but hey, no ones being harmed so let it be!

I have had shivers and I still get them but I have realised one thing over the years that, imagining it all will give you shivers but when something really goes wrong that is when you stand still, FROZEN! Now that is a different story.

So, shivers are of our own making. Prioritising and following your heart is the mantra and then happiness will conquer all.



Like Glass!

It is sort of like glass just be careful unlike glass the reflections in this one can get distorted. Do you see yourself or someone you pretend to be? At least reflections won’t lie.


Just a lovely shot from my walk with me friends at a beautiful lake during sunset. Occasion – party for the new job. Hope this one becomes not just a learning but also an experience that gives me exposure. Anyway what a view 🙂