This word sounds like something magical must precede the utterance of it. It is as if miracles need to occur for something to be miraculous but consider this, in this day and age when we know the world and the bit of the universe as is, is there a need of any other miracle? Trying to fathom the reality is life-long process and even if something really miraculous did happen would we be able to acknowledge it and appreciate it?

We have clearly taken the forces holding the planet and the air and water that sustains human life for granted, to the point that we are developing, exploring thus, exploiting more and more leaving for ourselves less and less a chance in survival. One thing out of place and life will be endangered. Are we conscious of the existing miracles? So, do we need new ones?

The times have changed and we have moved on from calling natural forces as almighty’s work to knowing that these are mere scientific(physical) phenomena and any such scientific process can be used to fool a child or someone who does not really know science.  Just like the illusionists and the magicians of today employ sleight of hand and science in their performance and we call that magic.

What would be really miraculous is the shift of human perspective. I mean, can we be real with ourselves for a moment!? Miracles happen when we snap out of the psychological reality that we live in and see the world for its actual wonders. Prejudice is an enemy of miracles and so is logic to some extent. The fight of the head and the “heart” is basically  logic vs feelings and they both have their own limitations.

If you just sit in wonderment of this world/planet you won’t accomplish a thing and if you try to explore any further then you would have more toys (technology) to play with, but perhaps no planet to live on.

When that happens, miracle will be needed; a sense of balance will be needed, a reality check will be needed and at that threshold neither good nor bad, right or wrong, head or heart, but only sensibility will work. Coming back to senses is miraculous!

Are we perceiving it as what it is or what we “think” it is?

Unfurl… ing…. Unfurled.

This is everyone’s story.
Some unfurled.
Some unfurling.
Some yet to unfurl.
The things they saw.
The things you see.
Things we will see.
The bright or dark.
It will be shades of light.
Perhaps green and pink.
Like little roses, you see.


Colour popping for sure. Nature is art!


I found it on my walk. The monsoon is making Mr/Ms. Snail happy.



Leave me alone… I am outta here!

Hey Mr. Snail, out on a walk?
“Did you just assume my gender?”
Errrr, I mean Ms. Snail?
“I am a he”
Oh hi, He.
“Stop it smarty pants”
Oh, okay.
“Let me breathe. Can you not see I am here ambling?”
That is some amble you got there Miste……
“Watch it…”
Myste…….rious magical-talking-snail.
“Good save kid.”
You have got to be careful. Anything can be offensive (nowadays).

It is a symphony.


The best thing you could do for a creator is to immerse yourself in its creation.

Waiting and waiting.
A pause before it’s my go.
Ticktock ticktock.
I am a little bored.
Distracted by what I see.
The scene outside is pretty.
Oh, silence running away,
Much more interesting…
The heavens are in chaos.
The earth seems ready.
Sun casually shies away
Takes a blanket so dark.
It’s quieter than the night.
Here that??
Trickle, trickle.
It is pouring just right.
One little drop on that leaf.
Another one,
Shatters against this glass.
United again at the bottom.
Never forgetting its task
The dog also knows its drill.
Watches happily
Nature is now painting…
Green looks greener.
Trees are in sync.
Windows today are artists.
That lighting does
Make it frightening.
Smells different.
Looks different.
Sounds different.
Feels different.
I did not do it.
You did not do it.
The performer begs you…
Don’t bow down.
Just immerse yourself
In this symphony.



This is one of my most favourite pictures that I have ever clicked. I am in love with the colours, the sun hiding in the background. Gosh, it is almost a love affair! haha

On that note with all that is going on, detonate is the prompt you choose wordpress? Let me spread some positivity by sharing this picture. Remember guys as much water will help this beauty spread, fire will only burn it down to ashes. No more burning words or actions. Do not detonate it, beautify it!

Rhythmic Dancers

Sunrise, flower blooms,
The sparkling dew drops
Shining through and through.
Green grass, fallen leaves.
Change of colours and fragrance afresh
Under blue skies one won’t believe.

Rustling trees, a little craw, a chirp
A loud grunt and a scary roar.
The forests are awake with a snore.
A flock of birds flying away.
The dance, the sync so rhythmic.
About this, one can’t be blasé.

To us it is just a view.
A reality for everyone to see.
Much more to those who seek.
But like ballet and its elegance.
As a dancer on this stage,
We must maintain the correct pace.


We should not forget that we are a part of it and not ‘the only’ or ‘most important’ ones but mere actors dancers on this huge stage where everything has its own role to play. One’s actions, others’ reactions and so on and so forth.

Be in sync!


Blurred memories or visions or dreams do not necessarily mean they are just a figment of our imagination, for what is created by our mind comes either from our sub-conscious or the conscious itself.

Whichever it may be, we need to pick it up from an external source or an existing one. Also, our consciousness does not create out-of-nothing, it merely brings things or ideas up or distorts them enough to make it super-confusing or as I would like call it “alien like”.  If you know what I mean.

As I see it life is filled with series of developments instead of random creations and as energy is never created nor destroyed but simply passed down, same happens with our thoughts they flow thus creating a foundation for future thoughts and over all a behavioural pattern which eventually affects our actions that gradually makes up what we call destiny. I find this mind blowing.

So while you ponder up on that, enjoy this blurry picture of a sunrise. It is just a blur but it is real! Moving vehicles can not stop me from taking pictures.


Blurry Sunrise – It is not as good but it is a sunrise after all and they are always beautiful.





With love.

2017 – 37/365

Well the Earthquake was not lovely at all. Gosh we have too many of them. The shaking of the earth, the shock, the running out of the house, the chaos that ensues – phew. Each time I am reminded of the fact that, this life is so so short man I must get my head out of the unnecessary and focus on what really matters. Can not stress that enough.

On the not so angry side of the earth, I got to click this lovely view. I took this picture very lovingly because my love for nature is pretty much borderline obsessive but what is love without obsession, right? No.. just me…? okay .

Enjoy the sunset-sky and a winter-tree.


Lighting ❤

Take me home

I am not feeling too well today and I want to be in my room in my home town. And it should rain. Oh, yes rain with the fog covering the opposite hills and washing everything back to clean and green, water everywhere.

The fresh air and the loud thunderclap. Breathing it in. The petrichor makes me so happy. The crazy winds, the whooshing sound, and everybody running to get their cattles back to the sheds, running to fetch their clothes hanging for line-drying and people trying to find some cover.

All the chaos that ensues because the winds are determined to take something with that force. Scared animals hiding in their burrows. It pours!

The streams that were dry these past months flow again, the muddy water crashes on the boulders, those rocks so adamant singing along with the waters gushing through them and over them, flowing so fast.

And then it all stands still.

Everything and everyone soaking the silence in. The people brought together; strangers under same sheds, friends at tea stalls, and families in their houses chatting up, enjoying the down pour.

The birds chirp again and silence is broken. Everything comes back to life. There is no hustle no bustle today but the stillness surrounding the hills envelopes my soul in peace taking me there where I have not been in a while, with the reminiscent plop, plop, plop left behind.


There is No place like home – your own place, your sanctuary. Lets stop the felling of trees and exploitation of natural resources so that our fellow earthlings. Can I call them that? I mean that way animals can live happily too.

Imagine one day the trees enter our homes and take all our furniture because, we took it form them in the first place and that too without asking. One thing industrialisation brings is the pollution and it is the worst. Is it worth the development? Should it even be termed development if it is not sustainable?

But there are pristine places far away from the chaos of cities, chaos is bearable, the pollution is just deadly.


This is the most favourite shot of mine. I mean look at that tree. It just called to me.             Let it talk to you too. Oh the blue sky and the silhouette – just wow!



Above the clouds it is clearer!

Just some shots I took from a moving vehicle while I was going to my cousins wedding. Hometown… Oh, how I miss it 🙂