Uniform(s) – story time.

This word just speaks to the child in me, more so to my memories of when I was a school-going kid. Not more than seven years ago I was in high-school and all through my schooling, as a norm, I wore a uniform (that rhymed). Not to mention how easier it was to just get up and get ready because all I had to do was follow a routine, wear the same old but hassle-free uniform and I was done.

To make it fancy there was a special sports uniform representing the colour of the house you belonged to. Sort of like the houses in Hogworts, we had four in our school it was almost like Gryffindor and slytherin situation, but our houses were based on colour of roses. I was in the red rose house. So, I had like a red t-shirt, white shorts or pants and shoes. Others were blue rose, yellow rose and black rose. Cool, right? We did have inter house competitions; sports and academics, but nothing as cool or magical as flying-broom-Quidditch-match.

I still can not imagine how School kids manage to choose what to wear in the western world. I think it could easily begin with “what you wear” and go to “how you wear”, finally coming down to “who you are wearing?” at a young age. For us, considering the wide disparity among the school children and their backgrounds, uniform(s) made it all pretty uniform. Otherwise, with all the variety of people coming from various cultures representing their own religious beliefs and traditions schools would have looked like a festival ground. Colours everywhere! Real vibrant and bright ones. Hmmm distraction!

College and professional settings are different, you choose to dress as everyone else, there is a dress code if not a uniform. As a grown up you either learn to fit in or to stand out in your own way but it is neither as influential nor it is within the four walls like in a school-setting. For me having changed four schools and five uniform(s), it was fun. I was part of more than four houses namely; tulip house in the kinder garten, surya (sun) house in the middle school, later Gandhi house in the middle school and finally a red rose. Ah! stories and memories.



Fear and only fear has the strength to shake my core. I fear a few things, who does not? But I stay away from it by living in now; focusing on now has its benefits and that is the lack of time which I would otherwise use to sit and force myself into bad/sad mood merely by thoughts.

I get cold sweats at the thought of losing loved ones, being alone, not finding love, being alone. Oh, I have already mentioned it but yes. I have figured that, it is the most common of all fears – being alone. No one likes embarrassments, no one likes failure, but I would say these are still manageable because you would have some to fall back on. I mean having someone to share my sadness and happiness with, gives me that strength to just go through it all.

You know like children holding on to their parent’s fingers or the way they just run to them, their safe haven, whenever they are scared.

A shoulder to cry on or somebody to boogy with when you are on top of the world. It is a need. Now, imagine failing at something or just falling down, and not having a single person to talk to, share with, let alone someone to crying it out to. Imagine being happy and not being congratulated by the closest of your relations. It won’t even feel like a celebration. There won’t be any party, be it pity party or the good kind.

This also points out the fact that sacrificing everything for that one thing which we believe would fetch us all the luxury in life will not feel as much of a pinnacle when we finally get it if we have no one to celebrate it with.

I am all about being the lone wolf, being away from drama and baggage to get better things in life, but I like to keep a check on my priorities because they can not be static. Had I kept my priorities static I would have lost more than I did acquire or experience till today. Dependency on someone is not good but honestly if its love than why not. Just give, receive, take, lend! To the ones you know and to the ones you do not!

In the essence of my post and in lines with the fear of losing loved ones, there is a fine line between actually being with someone and spending quality time with them or just having a relationship. This needs a mention… Are you just Friends with someone or do you guys really chat it out? Do you laugh it out? Do you vent it out? Do you fight it out? Are you making memories or  are you too busy just filling your pockets and camera rolls?

I am relieved to know that I might have made some bold choices like, when I would sit with my granny listening to her stories for hours on end during my exams. Honestly, the fear of failing was not as much as the fear of not getting that moment back. As a student it was a hard decision and risks require tactics. So, I studied at nights instead and enjoyed my days with my grandparents.

I ended up getting three things out of it. Amazing memories to look back on, good grades (because when you are satisfied emotionally you do better every way), and appreciation for my hard work – just because I was studying late night it seemed like I was working too hard. Although I was not really but hey, no ones being harmed so let it be!

I have had shivers and I still get them but I have realised one thing over the years that, imagining it all will give you shivers but when something really goes wrong that is when you stand still, FROZEN! Now that is a different story.

So, shivers are of our own making. Prioritising and following your heart is the mantra and then happiness will conquer all.




One More Time: If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?


I graduated last year so I would like to relive the convocation for sure. Nothing else has been that happening since the 11th December 2014. May be except for my cousin’s weddings. But graduation was day full of fun. I had my family by my side, obviously as I was in the University for the ceremony, my friends were there too – with their families.

We all met, talked, and laughed amidst all the formal processions, the gathering and sitting quietly while the bagpipers signaled the entry of the statutory committee. Dressed in black, as formal as anyone ever could be, it indeed is a really good time fills you with pride. Sadly enough it marks the end of an amazing life that only students get to live.

So, I want to dress up in formals, wear the scholars’s gown and that strange cap while applauding for fellow students on getting their hard earned degrees and waiting for my own turn, looking forward to the evening when I would get to click hundreds of pictures with my friends and end the day and an era with a party.


I think the speaker cracked a joke or something 😛 (Batch ’14)




Reverse Shot.

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

Earliest?? I can not recall the earliest most but a memory of my childhood involving someone else, that I have. I remember a scene (faintly) which is one of my fond memories. In kindergarten, I remember being taught the names of the months and my teacher also taught us how every alternate month is one day shorter because it goes like, 31, 30, 31… and February is the odd one out with 28 or 29 days in it, depending on it being a common or leap year.

That seems very usual and ordinary, I mean, what is so special that this is a memory l choose to talk  blog about? It is the way she made us learn which month is 30 days and which is 31 days. She used her fist for it, I do not know a single person (not even my friends) who remembers being taught using this technique or may be they were never taught that way. And today when I searched – months on knuckles on the Internet, I found it is not a figment of my imagination but an actual technique.

So, the technique and I am reversing the shot now (in the teacher’s perspective)… Lets teach these small kids a thing they might remember for the rest of their lives, using knuckles to remember which month is 30 or 31. A quiet yet excited class full of little kids. So, children make a fist and pay attention. Now, we will make our right hand a calender; the first knuckle, leaving the thumb out, is January and because it is a crest (higher than the groove between the knuckles, the trough) it has 31 days. And the trough is February. Next in line is the second crest and that makes march to have 31 days and April is next and the trough means… ?? Children reply: 30!! – Yes, good!! And we go on till July. Now, start again with the first knuckle and it is August (and that’s how we have both July and August with 31 days). Finally, we end with December on a knuckle i.e. 31 days.

For the teacher we were good students, she taught something to very tender minds and quick as I am 😛 I still remember it after 19 years and a graduation. Better yet, she must have never thought in her wildest dreams that one of her students would be blogging about it. That’s funny, makes me wonder what if something that you say to someone ends up on some blog.

Auld Lang Syne.

Not a daily prompt, but closer to my heart is this poem by Robert Burns, so I will post and share. The lovely stanzas of this poem just touch you in every way that a poem/song is supposed to. It was first introduced to me by a movie (you all might know which one). In that movie the poem was actually sung in a beautiful Scottish accent which was just enticing and I also found the lyrics to be quite intriguing. The phrase “for auld lang syne” was at the centre of it all and I did not know what it meant. A quick search on the internet revealed the truth that it is a classic old Scots poem with a folk tune to it. 

Auld Lang Syne means for old times’ sake (as per the internet), and what better song could have helped us bid our goodbyes at the graduation/farewell? Ever since then we, me and friends, have not had many a chances to meet up again and as the months pass by, only electronic media of communication are on and it gets boring and tiring (all the tapping, clicking, chatting and talking over the phone) and so does life. So, we did come up with a plan to gather and hand out, but not to surprise not everyone could turn up. Anyways, someday we shall all be together to “tak’ a cup of kindness” because old acquaintances are not made just to be forgotten, right?

Before that could happen, I received a call yesterday and a long awaited gathering happened; a friend called me up and asked me to join them (without any excuses) for lunch and more… Well, being totally unoccupied with any kind of work and wanting the plan to be a success, I agreed. Today, we had the time of our lives. We met at the subway and just after the “hello” we bombarded each other with everything that we had to talk about. Man, did that feel so cathartic!! That’s friendship and that was for auld lang syne – we met after such a long time, but it never felt like there was a sea between us. I bought my pint and they bought theirs’ like literally- actually, we stuck with eating healthy and drinking smoothies. And then I realised, we were all going by our daily lives not knowing that each one of us was sailing in the same boat – we picked all the good flowers, topics to talk about, as we wandered around and later got tired of all the walk (in the rain), but we gave each other a feeling of solidarity.

You succeed or you fail it is good know you have people who care. At least, memories are being created, to be looked back upon and smiled at. What more do we need form the past?