That thing.

Lost is not the right word really, but what other word could define the aimless journey we all have as kids. It is not like we are lost in the middle of something, we are indeed lost at the beginning of something. And that is actually the easiest kind of lost. Who even cares!? I mean when you do not even know that you are lost how does it matter!!

In this phase itself we find small things, those little things, that entice us. We realise that the world is more than just video games or School or friends. Still it is not until the teen years that we sort of find ourselves. I mean I have done pretty strange things at that age and I can only laugh upon them now. I think a lot of my peers can relate to it. We fought over friendships, over girls, over boys, over notes, over toys and now we see each other (well, at least people around me) as equals. No popular, no geeks – no labels.

Acceptance of the fact that we all are sailing in the same boat has made us come together. That is one way of putting it. College is where we evolve, at least I did (thankfully). I became me. I had a plan for my future like everyone. And as it goes changes are unexpected (certainly) so, things have not turned out exactly as I pictured.  In fact the picture is different very very far from my imagination. But if you keep your mind open you see opportunities and not obstacles (nice  quote isn’t it?)

But if you get that “one thing”, things and people around you might not be as per your choice, but ‘it’ will be under your control. That thing would fill you with enough passion, drive, strength and you might even surprise yourself with the new-found resilience of yours. Sort of like my story. I survived and I am surviving being the young-adult at this day and age with the not so perfect life but that is just on the outside. At least on the inside I have it in my hands. And that comes from being purposeful.


Do not go out finding it!! It won’t come to you!


Just cruise through and you will see what is, is perfect the way it is because it is either meant to be or the way you want it to be. The former is out of our control and the latter just great. Purpose and perfection is in being indulgent, not in waiting for it be alright standing at the starting line.

Purpose is not the some-thing we re born with (expect for some). It is the thing we find. Find that thing and it shall lead you to what you really deserve. Let’s hope for it.