(B)elieve that you can and you will.
I have heard that and so have you.
(E)ven if times are tough and ill.
Strive to win the battle that ensued.
(T)ake pride in yourself,
It is yours and your journey matters.
(T)hrive on light and welcome darkness
like an old friend, here to teach you better.
(E)very twist and turn takes its toll.
Find the strength and find love.
(R)emember you are never alone.
Take those hands and you are home.

A style for life.

There was a time when individuality was not of much importance. It was not a need per say. People were content with what they had, who they were, and did not mind the rut. I do not think they had the word “rut”. For them survival was important and why would it not be when you live under some one’s rule and they make all the rules, all you are left with is to follow. Which does not leave much time to ask yourself the question – who am I?

All these deep questions and the curiosity to know something beyond comes only when you have that kind of time. Having experienced love by swiping right and having an access to all knowledge which is a click-away requires much less time and effort compared to actually finding someone and falling in love or seeking something and getting clarity over that matter.

So we end up with a lot of time in our hands and we multitask to fill it up thus giving birth to unnecessary pressure and not to mention strange activities…. Like naked yoga. No hate but I mean really? Naked? In a group? Okay!

Our style of living life now a days is all about having a life-style. I think we went from not thinking for ourselves to thinking for everyone. For instance my way might not be the most original way so I must sprinkle some individuality over it as I run after someone else’s lifestyle while wanting others to follow. In my opinion this takes the focus from being or becoming this or that to trying to have this or that.

Having role models and imitating them is not wrong, but make it your own perhaps and not destroy the authenticity. Follow the person, the personality, the virtues, the values and not just their lifestyle. Style should be for life – your life.

Ctrl Alt Del.

Control it! Control that.
Control him. Control her.
Control them. Control this.
Control all that till you can.

One day we realise,
Where the true power lies.
Like many have said before,
Control yourself and be more.

Control your mind. Your emotions.
Your feelings and effects.
Control the situation. The outcome thereafter.
Control the controller. To be the best.

But to truly be able to Ctrl Alt Del.
All we need is one habit.
One only and that is…
To able to to not repeat.

Do not repeat patterns.
No need to relive the history.
Be a new tale. Do not go down as…
The same story.

Take a new leaf, fresh ink… write it.
One that was about being.
One that knew no control.
A story that is daring.

For I control what I want.
What I see as beneath me, must not be.
What I do not want around.
Must be down on the ground.

But when I let go. Not of my situations.
Not of my feelings or my notions.
But myself, is when I am in control.
For there is nothing really out of control.


LOL or may be lol.

A friend can tickle,
Spots unknown to others.
Friends can act crazy,
Just for your laughter.
A small giggle a little smile.
We all shared them all the while,
In classes, in games,
In all the serious places it seems.
A joke, a wink, a smirk
Be it from miles away.
Still it works.
or a laugh out little.
But you know…
You want to burst.
So chuckle away!


Read your movements.
Watched you talk.
Checked your tone.
Measured the lows, the highs.
The shades all around.
But the glimmer in your eyes.
Tells me if everything’s alright.


Hatin’ n Lovin’

If they do not hesitate from hating then why should we hesitate from loving, right?
Even in the worst case scenario nothing would come out of either. But never start hating love just because of one failure instead we must learn to love the hate because that just might teach a hater a lesson or two about love.

And then again if you say people can not be changed that easily then just remember this very statement and do not let anyone change your lovin’ either.


When you are just in a funny mood and not really inspired but you still want to write something like this happens:

(J)oin a few more dots.
(U)nder line all the extra facts.
(I)nside out should be the detail.
(C)ovet the most important tracks.
For (y)our rumour to be kneaded well.

Add (j)ust a little bit of spices.
(U)se salt as per your liking.
(I)n bits you may add the garnish.
(C)over it up while cooking.
(Y)ummy rumour-bun is a relish.

(J)ust a little sense hidden…
(u)nderneath all the confusion.
(I)n a cohesion (c)reate an illusion
(Y)ank open a rumour when you need it.
Do butter up for extra juicy bits.


I see it now. Do you?

2017 – 35/365

I do not care how many times people say do not judge a book by it’s covers but when it comes to reading people I’d be doing it during the very first meeting. I do have this sort of a habit of recognising telltales in the behaviour of the people around me. Uncanny but mostly I am on point. It is scary!

It is almost a bad habit because I see one red flag and I refuse to even open the book, let alone turning its pages. What is the point right? Some people act so fake and you know it is gonna go down hill and when your gut is telling you to run away, being a sensitive person, all you can actually do is run away. Seems like a good idea to me.

Yes, you might miss a lot of goodness hidden behind that red-flag but also you save yourself from the pain. It does seem a little pessimistic but then again everyone is so self-indulged and self-obsessed that the fear of being hurt by others has become prominent, keeps one from even getting any further than the introductions.

Who even trusts friends anymore? Talk about strangers!

Take any story and you would see that once burnt would never go near the fire the possibility of playing with it is next to none. Why can people not just tell things as they are? Some hide, others lie and for what? To fulfill ulterior motives? Sad.

But do not lose all the fun being too cautious though. When you learn cycling for the first time, you stand after every fall and that is all we can do – give it another chance. Understand that some one is being an ass, someone broke your heart because THEY have some real problems not YOU.

You are not the victim, they are so, at least release yourself of the pain because I see it now, I know it and I can say that you could invest yourself a hundred percent and get nothing out of it, rendering you with an ability to read those patterns and recognise the possible cause of a future hurt.

Only suggestion is that be sure that it is your choice and not your fear that led to your decision. And that you are acting on what your seeing and not what you thinking. It is better to learn to recognise instead of assuming.

Better not resist.

There are a few things that we want in life but can go without except for contentment, as in satisfaction, and as many possible ways as there are to get this satisfaction we all have our own little sometimes private  way of filling ourselves up – emotionally!

It is of no use to work all the time. Let life happen as you work not before or after. You can not take time for living, one should not have to take time out for life, right? We need to check our priorities.

Other times a pause, a vacation, is the need and you better not resist this need. I am back from my break. After all, the contentment from physical world is nothing if the emotional turbulence inside us is at peak. Have a break have more than just a kit-kat.

I will upload a few pictures soon, one of them is up link is here.