The idea of idea.

The very basis of our life is a secret to us, we know not a thing when it comes to our own body and mind. The complexity with which it functions and all the parts that come together to make it all happen are beyond our wildest imagination – the precision is astounding. Something for everything and everything for something, in essence of things, nothing about life is in excess or limited. It just is.

This make me wonder how and why do we even have thoughts. It is not something very physical – the activity of the brain might increase when one is thinking but what really is the source of a thought. If it were physical we would have identified it by now. But nope! I do not think there is any such explanation or exploration for the source of thoughts.

The cognitive faculties function only through information, that is to say that – something must be imbibed in us to to be expressed. Even an idea, or the idea of idea is possible because of the assimilated information. And that makes every expression and my blog post – yet another combination or mixture of existing thoughts. Thoughts that are basically not new, probably out of the ordinary but not extraordinary.

Dreams, another realm of thought process, just a little too visual than thinking in words. But even that has its basis in past and the present and if you constantly dream about the future – congrats you are a psychic!! – provided you are gifted and your dreams actually come true. Otherwise, it is just a projection of current events and your imagination is fooling you into thinking that you can see the future.

See, this is where logic is safe because 0 and 1, true and false – unlike the unreliable dream that you cannot even statistically establish whether it is predictive of the future or not. It is such a hit and miss with dreams. And so is life, what works for one does not for another and we still have no clue of what is real and what is not.

So, my question is are your thoughts even yours. And if your thoughts are not yours then how can the feelings be yours? We are one big pile of reactions to the external stimuli. They are real – yes! But they are not conscious but actually triggered – it is not about right or wrong, just awareness and I think that is something to ponder upon!

I am the cause of the new chain of thoughts that you have right now. Drop it or carry it on – that is all the choice! haha.

Brain or mind, what is the deal?

You know every now and then I find myself stuck on one thought or the other until I realise that I am either in the past or thinking about the future. Although, I am aware that these are not realities because the present moment is all we have, but the memories are so strong that they do affect my present and this mind does have the capability to easily extrapolate things into future.

If we pay attention, most of our time is gone in thinking and there is negligible action. I mean, talking about myself, right now I have an entire speech prepared as a comeback for an argument that happened 3 years ago. Talk about letting go. I might have not let the incident effect me all this while, good for me, but I did waste my brain’s capacity over something that, in hindsight, looks very stupid.

I have a better control now so I do come out of my head easily, but this is still not a natural process. You get me? Like I have to put efforts to get myself out of this mental-regurgitation. It is just ‘on’ all the time.

And this got me thinking what in the world is our deal? Where and when did we become so self-analytical and not just that but where did we imbibe these qualities. Or is it just that we do not know how to handle our magnificent gifts. Scientifically speaking, evolution gave us the capabilities, but looking at the way we are using them makes me wonder whether we are doing it right or not?

We have probably gone wrong because the suffering is evidently self-inflicted. I could sit here and mentally destroy someone and at the same time destroy myself. It is a fine line, a very fine line, going from positivity to negativity to depressed or from confident to over confident to egoistic

Just imagine if we were not distracted by the out-side world, or if we were to sit ideally doing nothing, I am sure the first thing would be boredom followed by loneliness and eventually sadness. And can we even protect ourselves from this ensuing pain? I do not think so.

The shift to consciousness is all the talk these days. We need to be more aware and in awareness we can control our abilities better. I did come up with a solution for myself. Start thinking of every human capability as a super-power. Believe me, just look around we actually are the most intellectual (not-so-intelligent) species and our mind renders us with some sort of a power in comparison to other beings.

And we know that  with power comes responsibility. SO let’s just stop right this instant and be aware of the responsibility that these powers bring. Can we do justice to our brains and conduct ours mind carefully? I think yes, so let’s give it a try. It is a mind, give it a break, make it a habit, use it only when needed. It is a power let’s utilise it well.

Evolution – The Alchemist.

I read The Alchemist recently. I had heard a lot about it, but I always felt like it will be one of those “trying to be spiritual” books. I mean there is actual spirituality and then there is this new age spiritual movement. Coming from the land known for its spirituality, I have always found the western take on it quite decorative and/or very rudimentary.

In here almost everything is a personal practice that, we never reached a conclusion about religion, food, clothes, languages etc. Every 50 Km is a new world and yet we all are somehow one, that is where real effect of spirituality is visible. Not to mention this country achieved its freedom by many sacrifices and non-violence. Also the culture teaches us a general sense of sharing and over-sharing. All this without any “supposed” spiritual awakening. This is where it gets more in line with The protagonist, Santiago, from The Alchemist.

Santiago was not given any special classes, he did not have any additional help, instead he left everything that he knew to find out all that he could and honestly that is what a spiritual person ought to be or that is what I have heard. Not that you have to renounce the world, but it would be helpful to renounce what you think is the world and start afresh because, what we think and what we know versus the reality is nothing but a huge gap. And this gap can be filled by numerous philosophies, but at the end of the day only truth wins, seeking which is equally tricky as it is next to impossible unless we widen our horizons in every sense of the word. And that is evolution.

There is a mention in the book about the heart of the world which I feel is definitely a symbolic way of suggesting the oneness that we all share with everything around us. It puts forth an idea that there is no separate universe and you, but universe alone working through you. We are as much a part of it as much we think we are individuals. Then there is a mention of how even the inanimate is a part of this ‘heart of the universe/world’ which reiterates that it is all one and the same. It could just be my interpretation but I found it very wonderful because, if everything is one and the same then everything is evolving. From coal to a diamond from monkey to a human… Sort of looks the same design to me.

I find this especially fascinating because what the Alchemist is saying resonates with the knowledge of many a yogis; many masters have talked about the oneness and evolution of human consciousness in their own way but always in the same context. They refer to it as the true-self also known as consciousness in English.

Evolution in this story, in my opinion and understanding, is being referred to as the process of refinement or purification. They keep referring to a purpose or a personal legend and that every human has to go through it, which again makes me draw a connection to karma and having to fulfil your bit and to be free of this bondage is called nirvana or moksha.

These are mere words. But what is nirvana if not Santiago’s oneness with everything which he could achieve only by following his own personal legend and making all those sacrifices. It looked like he was losing it all just to be beaten at the end, but in his heart he knew the truth and he clearly saw it all come to a full circle. So it is about how clear and how pure we become in terms of seeing the reality that determines the quality of this journey called life.

The treasure that Santiago searched was right where he always was but it was not his until he evolved. It was his evolution that gave him clarity and he could finally see it. His experiences shaped him and that allowed him to find his love. It was his willingness to venture out in search of something he believed in only to find out that it was all a lie. But he kept going that is the best part of the story. It is all a lie until you live it, and when you do, you will find things and experiences never imagined before… The ways of life as I would like to call it. Let it help you evolve!



This word sounds like something magical must precede the utterance of it. It is as if miracles need to occur for something to be miraculous but consider this, in this day and age when we know the world and the bit of the universe as is, is there a need of any other miracle? Trying to fathom the reality is life-long process and even if something really miraculous did happen would we be able to acknowledge it and appreciate it?

We have clearly taken the forces holding the planet and the air and water that sustains human life for granted, to the point that we are developing, exploring thus, exploiting more and more leaving for ourselves less and less a chance in survival. One thing out of place and life will be endangered. Are we conscious of the existing miracles? So, do we need new ones?

The times have changed and we have moved on from calling natural forces as almighty’s work to knowing that these are mere scientific(physical) phenomena and any such scientific process can be used to fool a child or someone who does not really know science.  Just like the illusionists and the magicians of today employ sleight of hand and science in their performance and we call that magic.

What would be really miraculous is the shift of human perspective. I mean, can we be real with ourselves for a moment!? Miracles happen when we snap out of the psychological reality that we live in and see the world for its actual wonders. Prejudice is an enemy of miracles and so is logic to some extent. The fight of the head and the “heart” is basically  logic vs feelings and they both have their own limitations.

If you just sit in wonderment of this world/planet you won’t accomplish a thing and if you try to explore any further then you would have more toys (technology) to play with, but perhaps no planet to live on.

When that happens, miracle will be needed; a sense of balance will be needed, a reality check will be needed and at that threshold neither good nor bad, right or wrong, head or heart, but only sensibility will work. Coming back to senses is miraculous!

Are we perceiving it as what it is or what we “think” it is?

It is a symphony.


The best thing you could do for a creator is to immerse yourself in its creation.

Waiting and waiting.
A pause before it’s my go.
Ticktock ticktock.
I am a little bored.
Distracted by what I see.
The scene outside is pretty.
Oh, silence running away,
Much more interesting…
The heavens are in chaos.
The earth seems ready.
Sun casually shies away
Takes a blanket so dark.
It’s quieter than the night.
Here that??
Trickle, trickle.
It is pouring just right.
One little drop on that leaf.
Another one,
Shatters against this glass.
United again at the bottom.
Never forgetting its task
The dog also knows its drill.
Watches happily
Nature is now painting…
Green looks greener.
Trees are in sync.
Windows today are artists.
That lighting does
Make it frightening.
Smells different.
Looks different.
Sounds different.
Feels different.
I did not do it.
You did not do it.
The performer begs you…
Don’t bow down.
Just immerse yourself
In this symphony.

Something or Someone?

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

It does sound like an interesting idea.

Shlokas and Vedas definitely support the idea of reincarnation and the epics of the same could be found in Hindu-mythology which provides us, intensively, with stories of someone reincarnating for the sake of humanity and to win over evil powers.

One such Sholka that almost everyone listens to, if not necessarily learn for the Sanskrit class as a child, goes something like this…

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir-bhavati bharata

Abhythanam-adharmasya tad-atmanam srija-myaham

Paritranaya sadhunaam vinashay cha dush-krutam

Dharma-sansthapan-arthay sambhavami yuge yuge.

That is the English version of the actual Sanskrit verse, but for someone who knows Hindi this verse is an easy one to translate and understand. Yes, Sanskrit is different and very hard as compared to Hindi and no, it is not used anymore. Hence, it is like a foreign language even in its own land. I am just one of those who likes knowing what is ought to be known like this amazing verse from the Bhagavad Gita, which I have never read though.

Oh yeah the verse actually talks of someone, the saviour or the almighty or god, use a noun that suits your fancy but the idea is of it/them reincarnating. And not just reincarnation but a purposeful comeback. As I was told by the elders that, god  would come back (reincarnate, I guess) for ‘Dharma-sansthapan-arthay’ meaning to establishe righteousness whenever and as many times there is a “galani to the Dharma” meaning unrighteousness.

And if I am not wrong every religion believes in the very same idea of a saviour and yet there are some who say things like ours is better than yours.

Anyway staying on the topic, so it is not just reincarnation there is more. Another belief  is that, one has to do great deeds before being incranated as a human and also that one can be reincarnated as a human after being incarnated as 84 lakh other kinds of living things. I believe this includes plants, animals and microorganisms. Yes our ancestors were way too deep and serious about all this. Not to forget they also talked about the ways how one could get out of this endless cycle of karma – the births and deaths and re-birthing by attaining Moksha* the word literally means liberation.

Get this… In many parts of the country during funerals a heap of flour is evenly spread to from something like a circle in a quiet corner of the house which is then covered with a basket and is left undisturbed for sometime before someone lifts the basket and carefully analyses the flour for any kind of prints, mind you it was undisturbed and covered, and I am telling this from experience, prints appear onto the flour. These prints mean being reincarnated as someone or something Once I saw a flower print in someone’s funeral that I attended when I was very young.

So imagine being brought up being surrounded with all that. I believe my western friends would find it overwhelming, interesting or maybe even funny. And with all this knowledge and information but no proofs though, I am not really able to deny the  idea of reincarnation. Come to think of it, it might just be an idea like aliens – too many secrets too less time to unravel them all. Interesting prompt but I will take spirituality over religious beliefs any day.

*I find it funny how I have to add an ‘a’at the end of every Hindi word written in English just because even our consonants end with ‘a’ sound – phonetically speaking.





In Good Faith: Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

When you ask someone to prove the basis of their faith in a higher power, a reason for following a religion, or simply being spiritual, you can never get the perfect answer. An answer that makes it go Q.E.D. hence proved is not found that easily, but if I say the whole concept is based wholly and solely on one thing called belief, it would make sense. Belief, It answers everyone’s questions but still does not distinguish between the right of one person from the wrong of the other. I mean, all of us, we are wired in a different way and there are billions of people on this planet, the count still on, and who would not agree that each one of us is different and unique not just genetically, but also in the way we see things. It is perception that creates a gap between the understanding of one person from the other. And we all perceive different things differently.

So, follow what ever you want to follow, believe what ever you want to believe, or nothing at all, but being spiritual means being in sync with the universe – the cosmic powers – call it God or the almighty if you will. But neither have we witnessed the beginning nor do we have any knowledge of the end, with that thought in your head and a feeling of belonging to a huge universe; we are just a speck of dust in this galaxy, makes you want to understand it furthermore and at least feel connected to it. That is my definition of spirituality and according to me that is the message of every religion in the world – we are all the same and very tiny compared to this limitless universe so we should simply accept this fact and live with love, peace and harmony.

I have many a moments in my life that could fit this prompt’s answers but I would rather not fill the post with those instances and take this route of understanding spirituality instead. I might be young for the debate on religion (I think so) but I have had my faith restored a handful of times. I’ll put it in a better way, I have had my faith strengthened plenty of times by one good happening or the other. Now you might call it good luck or a coincidence, but I would say the universe works in mysterious ways like someone said – There are no accidents!! And eventually things always happen the way we want or the way they are meant to be. So, it is either in my hand or in hands of someone that I trust my life with and they have a 100 percent success rate because, I have always had the best of services and experiences.

Life is full of ups and downs. Spirituality or religion doesn’t guarantee that there would not be any mishaps, but what matters the most is the thoughts that you send out in the universe because they have away of coming back with full force. So, put out good,  get good and have faith.