2017 – 6/365

Had an exam on economics today it was ok. I would go ahead and say for just two days worth of preparation the exam went alright but the knowledge gained is beyond compare. These days I feel like a student again which reminds me academics is easier than life and now I fail to understand why were we in a hurry to grow up?

Does is it even matter?
Well, we either win or gain experience so yeah it all matters. Perhaps it does not seem like it in the short run but wait for the long run. Ha now I know additional meanings for short and long run thanks to economics.

It is of no use to look here or there, to think of this or that. Just listen to your heart or just feel it – feels are never wrong no matter who says what. – Insach

Perfect Nap

Is it just me or are these one word prompts just really really random!?


Bedtime with a head full of thoughts – Not a good idea.

Bedtime with a mind full of doubts – still not a good idea.


Bedtime with you heart in some else’s hand – not so bad.

Bedtime with your lovers’ hand by your side – never sad.


Bedtime after a story – morning full of glory.

Bedtime after a chatter – morning full of laughter.


Bedtime being all alone – never a choice.

Bedtime after a hard day – always the best.


If it is comfortable and your heart content, sleep comes easy. But not to everyone mostly because the head wants to think and the heart wants what it wants. Sometimes as you try to sleep your brains like… initiating insomnia in 3, 2, 1. Oh, the struggles!