Meaningful words.

Express Yourself: Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Like every other living creature I like to express myself. Although, the changing world requires you to keep your thoughts to yourself because anyone can be offended for any reason, we still support the right and freedom of expression. Which ever way one chooses they can put their thoughts to meaningful words. That is the beauty of languages.

However, The painful and disappointing truth is that not everyone enjoys this so called birth right. I do not even want to touch the parts of the world and what all goes on there. But I wrote that just to remind myself of the many things that I tend to take for granted whilst we all should be grateful for it, for things are not the same for everyone, sadly.

Coming onto me, I do not dance, I do not sing (in public), I do write, I can not sculpt (in a million years), I do not paint as frequently, but I do debate – I like starting a dialogue and voicing my opinions, when ever it seems appropriate.

I adore dancers and singers, also painters, sculptors and writers. I grouped them on the basis of the medium they require to express themselves. Dancers and singers use their bodies only. It is the voice, the gestures, the movements and the emotions that these talented people use. The latter group uses their imagination and hands. But one thing common to the both groups is their perspective.

For one, they need to be inspired as that is their fuel but once inspired they create something entirely based on their own perspective. What I am trying to point out is the fact that how artists do not necessarily feel the need to relate to others. It is in the hands/eyes of the audience/consumer/critic to not only behold the beauty, but take what they choose/want to take form it. It is freedom in its true form here, artists leave it to us to dig deeper and decipher the meaning.

And as I like to write, I like to speak (a lot, actually, I just need to get started once). In speaking or writing, the use of words is primary, which is naturally followed by the nonverbal cues. But there is no way one could say “I hate you” with a smile and it would not be taken seriously. Hate is a heavy word.

Words have effect because they are easily understood. I could utter a profanity in a foreign language and still those who would pay attention would get the idea because, words are easily felt. In my opinion they are the easiest, most basic form of expression and a perfect example of the freedom of expression. Meaningful words bring meaning to life (we should choose them wisely).

Stuck in Mars… missing The People.

Earth is a marvel and we don’t have the potential to fathom out the fact, why is there only one planet like it??

Yet, we try our best and that is the way to be. But, what if… You are on a mission to Mars and you will never be able to return to Earth. What about the blue planet will you miss the most?

I, will miss the people; my loved ones, my friends and, the neighbours. Considering that, I’ll still have my oxygen, my food/water, my gadgets (most hi-tech ones) and a shelter (the rocket) to keep me alive and be able to “miss” something. Humans and the diversity in their natures and personalities is what makes our life a journey full of action, romance, comedy and all the other genres of movies including horror and adult stuff. So, I will miss the everyday life – with the surprising characters in it.

And today when we can stay connected with someone on the other side of the world, I don’t think I can imagine a life without my fellow earthlings. It takes a very long time to establish a civilisation. Once we are a part of it we can’t live without it. Well, I know when in Rome do as the Romans do but I don’t think I can do as the martians do. At the end of it all, home is where the heart is. My heart is here on this blue planet with some very special people.


Unsafe containers.

Emotions make up our feelings and every feeling has its own way of getting out. You feel, people around you feel the same. One’s expression may tell you of their emotions and feelings. 

Which emotion is the hardest to contain??

Well, the hardest one to contain is joy. If I feel low I keep it to myself, you have to always maintain your composure right? But, happiness out of a joy is too conspicuous. So, with me, the unsafe ones are well contained and the rest released out in the universe after all, all that you send into the universe is what you get back.