A little closer.

A little too far.

One that is unheard,

And as near as you are… is my secret.


A little deep.

A little un-clear.

One that is not yours,

Yet could bring you to tears… is my secret.


A little in the open.

A little under your nose.

One that hides in day-light,

And will be the ultimate blow… is my secret.


A small mistake.

A one time dare.

One that is within me,

And is ready to burst into a  flare… is my secret.


A lot of LOVE.

A LOT of guilt.

If, after it I could rebuild, I would share I won’t care.

But for now I’ll spare you the pain… of my secret.


That is what the one word prompts are bringing out of me – poems. Deep stuff though! Something different from these prompts 🙂

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