Like Glass!

It is sort of like glass just be careful unlike glass the reflections in this one can get distorted. Do you see yourself or someone you pretend to be? At least reflections won’t lie.


Just a lovely shot from my walk with me friends at a beautiful lake during sunset. Occasion – party for the new job. Hope this one becomes not just a learning but also an experience that gives me exposure. Anyway what a view 🙂

Friendships and Ballad of Quintet…

Mountaintops and Valleys: Describe a time when you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down (or vice versa). Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

I love nature, mountains and valleys are the most scenic parts of the nature, the wilderness can be a little intimidating but a view from a distance is always beautiful. I hail from hilly parts of the country and my love for the open skies and deep valleys is just very natural.

On a very different note, life has its ups and downs (how cliche is that!?) but as the prompt mentions – the mountain tops of our lives are the best moments and valleys… Well, I do not really see them as a metaphor for sad moments because, a valley only means you need to trek and climb the next/approaching mountain.

How quickly you go up depends on your own will power, and the love and support you get from you dear ones. And if they helped you climb it once, they sure will be ready to help you again. I have found myself, a few times, quickly switching from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down.

All that I can think of right now is the moment when we had our college farewell party, it is that one day we all wait for – awesome sauce as it is called – It is after final exams that you are asked to come to the college one last time to attend a themed party organised by your juniors and naturally it is they day you dress your best, you act your best and feel so so emotional.

I mean we waited for the college and the classes to end, so that we could enter the real world, but the excitement is met by a sad feeling of leaving your friends and getting distanced form them. Ah! this is so common, everyone can relate. And that is the one day, I vividly remember myself rolling down the mountain top into the valleys (of course figuratively speaking).

This reminds me I found the poem I wrote for my friends – mentioned in this other post.

Here it is…

Ballad of Quintet:

A day begins with the sun, rising up in the sky.

Wanting us to be awake, and take our rides.

We do it as we say, no more are we shy.

As we move on, leaving a trail of memories behind.

Making each day count! Twenty years and on

Assignments and minor-exams yet ‘tis great how “fun” we sound.

Now here we stand – days passing by.

Each day, reaching a new place.

Wondering; if this is the right pace?

The world is ours
 it takes one to one, add to the joy we spread.

And “the flow of ideas” that we create.

Yet so down to earth we stay.

Y’s gestures man foreign language he hates.

Nammo’s jokes, man the brain she has.

Tonya is Tonya in Tonya’s unique style.

And sweet B is just always right!

Writing a poem, ha! How cool we are.

Famous for the fame, à€•à€ż à€…à€Șà€šà€Ÿà€Șà€š à€čà„€ à€Čà€—à„‡ à€Șà„à€Żà€Ÿà€°à€Ÿ.*

Better of the good, worst of the bad.

We can make it happening even when the clouds are sad.

Look at the irony, hating on the things we end of loving.

Cheese bursts and samosa chaats, cakes and nacho breaks.

Simply, living a life of a rock star!

PS: * read as (ki apanapan hi lagge pyara)

PPS: *meaning:  Famous for the fame that, we like belongingness only.

PPPS: Most of it could be irrelevant after all it is just full of inside jokes and references.


Handwritten: When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?

One, I wrote this morning and it was just to make a to do list. Two, if by handwritten, the prompt means to ask when was the last time I wrote something meaningfully beautiful or creative, I would have to take the longer route. So, the longer route it is, it would give my post a length. Story time!!

The only thing that comes to my head is the poem that I wrote for my college friends. Oh, how sweet? Yes, it is sweet because not every one goes beyond nick naming their mates or having a name for the group. I went a step ahead just to show how much I cared for our friendship and that I would cherish it forever. I scribbled a poem.

I did share it with my friends and they liked it. I named it “Ballad of the quintet” I have no idea why I chose these words, in particular, for the title. But I can see it makes sense. We are five hence, the quintet and in a way a poem telling a story is a ballad, right? Just being technically correct it means, “the story of the five friends”. Well, yeah Ballad of the quintet is much better sounds fancy for sure.

I remember taking its picture, but do not know where that could be and only God knows the whereabouts of the actual piece of paper. Anyhow, I do remember very clearly it talked of us meeting four years ago (from 2014) and went on to describing our characteristics; the “one who can literally do it all”, the “I won’t stand any stupidity”, the “world is colourful, why stick to one”, the “tsunami of laughter” and finally me the “I am still processing this” person.

Haha how very different we all are, yet bonded because of our similarities. You know, over the years I have felt that friendships are not as much based on the similar liking as much it is based on the mutual disliking of something or someone. Strange but funny and basically the norm of the world. Who am I to change that?

And so the poem goes on to describing our peculiar, funny and very memorable incidents that led the five of us to form a group. It was just two people in the beginning and another joined in. The one who just joined knew me, so I was the fourth one and lastly the fifth member actually had a huge fight with her existing circle of friends and fortunately her search of friends ended with us.

Oh yeah we went through the ups and downs. And I remember the fights pretty vividly, it almost got nasty and that is why the poem has no space for it or the mention of those dark days. Instead of that it tells about the love for pizza and food, in general, that we have.

I can still feel the cheese burst pizza – it was our favourite – too good to not mention. And now I want a slice, just the memory can make me hungry, you can imagine how good it must have been with the molten lava cake. Simply divine!

Oh yeah that was the last creative, heartfelt, descriptive thing that I wrote with my hand and luckily the fun is still on even though the poem is forgotten.

The meaning is deeper.

Always Something There to Remind Me: A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Well, finally my laptop is repaired. And I recently started my first job ever, so it is taking some getting used to. Nevertheless, I am here now and here it goes…


As a young adult, I do not have any classics to share, but there are like a ton lyrics… Ok, may be not a ton, but like a ten maybe, that would explain so many of my feelings. These feelings were in my teenage years meaning, any song about partying all night or being independent and a rebel had such an appeal that it seemed perfect – it would soon turn out to be the entire School’s jam.

Art in any form has its own effect for any individual and it has its own personal meaning as well for that individual (only). This makes a song one person’s favourite while it could be on the top of some one else’s hate list. Oh, music plays with moods and mood make us play a certain type of music as well – what a relationship!!

So, if I were to choose songs that would bring my memories back. I would say Linkin Park’s in the end would be one of the first songs that my whole class was hooked on to – It was a good song and it definitely taught us young teens that, in the end it doesn’t even matter. This song only brings back the fun times that I and my friends had. But as it turns out they were right, the song lyrics were correct... in the end nothing matters. Then again that is just one part of life.

There are a few things that do matter though, and those are the most important ones. Yeah, there was a deeper context to the song and we were lucky enough to understand it and not limit ourselves just to this one song, this one statement. For there was lot being offered by the innumerable musicians and so it happens… life too offers an array of emotions under two simple feelings – good or bad. Not so limited, is it?

Imagination as a toy.

Toy Story What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I was always the odd one out. Whenever my friends wanted to play board games, I wanted sports and whenever they chose sports, I chose indoor activities. And that is why I do not see one thing that could be singled out as my toy or my anything. I wanted it all, whatever there was, never demanded much though but definitely got  my hand onto everything that I saw could be played with (not people’s hearts or feelings).

I guess curiosity was my thing and imagination my toy. I loved the idea of a world different than others. I was not too big a fan of video games, I did enjoy them but it was all in moderation. My post makes me look like a boring person but I think I lived and believed that variety is the spice in life.

So, television seems like the kind of thing that would have satisfied my hunger for imagination, given that I could not read all the amazing books available out there, after all I was only a normal kid, unfortunately not a prodigy. But the TV remote gave way to a world full of different themes and subjects (like literally they do have channels teaching you math, science and such) and I was enjoying those shows.

I was loving my cartoons and fables and stories, losing myself in them for hours which would later get me spectacles at a very young age, but sprinkled with a dash of outdoorsy stuff – I maintained my touch with the real world and the real fun. So, even though someone else’s, imagination was the toy.

Not to mention how every kid likes to imagine being a super hero, a dragon, Harry potter and friends, some liked being Lord Voldemort and some liked being an animal, but it was all so much fun. Again, there is no one one toy to name. Anyhow, I do understand how our psychology works and sticking to a toy could mean something, but even with all the imagination filled childhood of mine, I did not turn out be like the amazing J.K. Rowling.

Crazy is good.

Choose Your Adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

A bunch of cousins were all set for their elder cousin-brother’s wedding. And as was expected they all were happy and excited at this news, they were going to have the time of their lives (depends on you- the reader). Although, each one of them was quite busy either with work or with studies there was no chance they were going to miss on such a fun opportunity to finally unwind themselves. So, they kept their calendar dates open for the occasion, went shopping, helped with preparations and when the day came they were ready for the party.

As fabulous as the bride and groom were, so was the scenic location, everyone was mesmerised and had a great time – clicking pictures, dancing, chatting, dancing, making the awkward small talk with the uncles and aunties and more dancing before heading towards the buffet (now we’re talking). Anyway, every thing was running so smooth and everyone was ecstatic, and some even drunk. These kids were a good bunch they made a quiet entry and a normal exit.

Now it was time to head back home, it was around midnight and those who wanted could leave in anyone of the transport facilities available. The cars for close relatives were almost filled and had gone. But the cousins got hold of one car and soon their car was finding its way through the hilly terrains under the moon light,  it was all so beautiful, but the thick forest and the hooting owls were not helping – the cousins found it a little eerie, so to speak.

And an hour and half later their car stops and the driver says, “my car can not manage going downhill and it is too dark and dangerous to drive on this muddy, wet road. You guys are young and can make the walk so, why do you not just walk? It is safer.”

One cousin says, “lets wait for others to come and then we can walk with them….”

Second cousin  says, “…Meanwhile the roaring tigers can feast on us.”

Third cousin, “c’mon it would be our adventure. We have the choice to choose an adventure.”

Fourth cousin, “You are crazy!!”

Fifth cousin, “Crazy is good.”

Sixth cousin, “You guys need to chill out and use those flash light apps in your phones or else some sort of animal is bound to attack us.”

Seventh cousin (the native), “You guys sound like a bunch of tourists. Nothing is going to attack you, just follow me. I know the way. It is only 1 to 2 Kilometers.”

And they…

Refuge from reality.

On the Edge: We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Watching TV!! That’s my refuge from reality. I do take breaks in the form of meditation and exercising – I actually love it. And even science says its not just good for health but for mood as well. But my escape is the television.

Yeah, I am a grown up but would still lose my self watching clean, pure cartoons (not the horrific news about all the sadness in the world or horrendous reality shows). But good quality drama, comedy or simple cartoons that teach you about the ways of life – that’s my favourite genre. It is as good as falling asleep while your granma tells you a bedtime-story.

I am no avid reader or writer, I am just an enthusiastic learner. I like going with the flow and that is what everyone should do. Although, life presents different circumstances for everyone and has very different pace. But in all the madness of chasing that one dream that would settle us in life – we run.

We keep running until we are either tired to do it anymore or have just reached our destination. Either way, we do not take on this sort of journey with a hot head and also we do take breathers every once in a while. And unlike the prompt, no one said you have to choose one of these, it could be all of these – daily or alternately. I mean, it is your escape after all.

Art is another one of my favourite things – music is something where in your soul can take dips into the ocean of an everlasting peace. I do not get paintings and stuff much but music gives meaning to life. We all know very well how music can affect our mood.

It unleashes a range of feelings that you might be unaware of. Like for instance, even when you are not in love, but still understand the pain of separation from a loved one just by listening to a sad love song, or watching/reading a story based on a similar context.

So, in conclusion, we either lose our feelings and bust our stress by working out or something like that or we just replace them by other feelings that could be generated by the emotional context of a story in form of lyrics, poems, songs, prose, pictures, photos, paintings or theatrics. Boy, do we like our respite from the everyday life.

A small little change.

Childhood Revisited:

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood?

Everything was good enough, my childhood was not marred by technology, so I got to live it to the fullest. I played outside with friends, camped in the wilderness, enjoyed outings, partied with my cousins, and definitely watched the best of what cartoon network had to offer – to all the 90’s kids. 

It was not until late sixteens when I actually got a normal mobile phone that could only be used to make calls or to send text messages. Although, I had started using computer by the age of 11, it was internet-less and it was mostly used either for school work or to play video games. okay, I won’t lie it was only for the games. Road rash – does that ring a bell?

So, as I am revisiting my childhood by taking a walk down the memory lane – full of beautiful, cherish-able, vivid memories of all the mischief and fun I had – I see that I did move into new cities quite frequently and not that I hated it, but now when I think about it, life would have been a little different had we not done so.

I mean, I have no idea what it feels like to have long term friendships because, as far as I knew, every relationship outside the family was supposed to be temporary one. I was well aware that some day we would be moving from our current location to another place. What would be the use of getting attached to anything or anyone? It would have only hurt.

I guess that is why I am a homebody. I like staying in, putting long hours in work or watching TV, or even a little cooking, a lot of eating, working out etc. etc. – home based activities, that is. I do like socialising, but I am not too big a fan of it and that is why I have a very closed knit group of friends.

It is not because I do not like to go out, but because I have gotten used to being in my own company and the occasional hang outs are enough for me. I am not the “every Friday night” drink and dance kind of person, occasionally that’s fine but regularly? Nope, I would rather be in my sanctuary. Also, I have had my crazy adventures!! I am young, but been there done that. Actually, been there and done with what I wanted to do.

Come to think of it, as I started writing the post I wanted a small little change in my past; not having to move so frequently. But I think everything turned out pretty well therefore, no regrets. Getting attached only hurts so, why fall for it, anyway?

By the way, the prompts feel a little too personal nowadays 😛

The wilderness.

Oasis: A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

The scenic beauty of the wilderness, be it any place on this planet, captivates me, mesmerises me to the point that neither do I catch a breath nor do I remember myself rather I lose myself, and I think that is when you easily find yourself and are forced to breathe nicely. It sounds peculiar but it is not as deep as it sounds, when you are enjoying something… you have to forget the whole world out there and be lost in your thing, kind of like meditation. So for me the trees, the fresh air, the birds chirping, the dew drops, the green grass and the blue sky is what calls me but unfortunately that is the hardest thing to get especially while living in the concrete jungle – city.

I might be traditional in this manner but I like what is already given to us, simply the outdoors in its very natural form nothing special. For some reasons I feel very connected to it all and I just enjoy being out, standing still with my eyes closed, breathing it, and listening to the sounds of nature. I like to have fun there as well not just standing like a statue. Nothing a cold wind cannot fix and nothing is as freshening as a cold breeze on any given day (summer or winter, except when it snows). Nature is a thing of beauty for me, be it green and full of vegetation or full of sand dunes.

Although, music is another thing and so are books, paintings, soap operas, movies or working out… as I like to call them a way to escape the reality. They are enticing and amazing – the stories and the meanings (excluding exercise here) could be relevant or irrelevant but they always help us find ourselves, teach us lessons or inspire us. Also, It is very possible to lose yourself and your mind completely into something and anything that you like, but to feel like yourself while enjoying your method of escapism you need to focus onto yourself. It should make you feel at peace and the nature does that for me.


Someone Else’s Island: We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?

A new month, a new set of thoughts and full of enthusiasm – that’s me. Oh, I do have a few reasons for that as well. Firstly, I am now an official A1 level student of German – I guess a score of 85 is something to be celebrated, it is in my world at least. Secondly, my brother’s birthday falls this week – meaning party!! And followed by that is the much awaited gathering of me and my friends. Boy am I excited? Not just excited but thankful for all these little things, they make life wonderful.

Did I mention my graduation is approaching? It is next week. We (I and my fellow mates) are going to get our hard earned bachelor degrees. Oh yeah, that is gonna happen; the convocation ceremony and dressing up in lounge suits, gowns with those funny looking caps. As much as I think they are strange looking, I am pretty sure they mean something, and all I care about is that they look good on everyone and they symbolise a very important moment in a student’s life. Also, It is the first time we are going to have such an elaborate ceremony for graduation because unlike some other countries where students graduate even from high School, here we call it a graduation when a student passes out of his/her Uni. That makes it a huge deal hence, the excitement.

Now I need to squeeze in the insignificant reply to the prompt. I would send my best friend with nothing but a smartphone or a device that allows satellite communication (in case the deserted island does not have a network, which is quite possible). Other than that, a big set of matchbox, a Swiss-Army-knife, a photo album or something and a pet would suffice. I guess, the matches would help with fire, the army knife for hunting and safety, and the pet – well, who would mind some company being stranded alone in a beautiful island – that provides endless source of firewood and fruits.

But in a time like now… full of good times, I am not sending my friends anywhere. They need to be with me and be part of the birthdays, the graduation, the Christmas and the new year. So, we’ll put getting stranded on a hold for now.