May I float?

I am one of those people who does not easily get sick but when I do it is a mess and I become this sulking, brooding, childish person it can be difficult to handle. Normally I’m so cool though but beware and keep away when I am sick.

But then again I am also the kind who is aware of his situations and behaviours which in turn take me on a guilt trip as if the aching head, running nose, and being unable to breathe is not enough.

Why is it that when one thing goes awry it just so happens that everything following it is crazy too!? Sort of like the law of like attracts like. Mostly when I am unwell and I happen to get a seat in the subway-metro soon enough some one would stand in front of me and all I can do is offer them the seat because either they are old or needy, and I am only sick while everyone nearby lacks good manners, I must to do it.

If only the same law could work in case of happiness where happiness would attract more happiness that would be so rad! There are two states in this case one being happy the other making your own happiness (not running after it) believe me being happy is equal to being asleep because nothing or no one must bother you – How powerful? Yeah unless its your own body that won’t cooperate let alone focusing on happiness.

The other state is making your own happiness, this is a little selfish but then I do not really think that selflessness has to be to the extent of stupidity after all you are of no use to others if you do not take care of yourself. You come first.

Sometimes you literally just need to let go, forgive, forget, and as Cinderella taught us “have courage and be kind”. Honestly she is so spot on with the having courage to be kind to others because kindness and selflessness take lot more courage than being selfish. And in situations where you really put others before yourself that is, going beyond the limits of normal-good in its true essence.

Conditionally good that is what most of us are, like when one is not necessarily being wrong but they do not want to get into business of others or when they do think of bigger problems like world hunger and poverty but do not put much attention in using resources properly. Every human ever! This is not like greed it is just survival but does survival mean to find means to survive or destroy the means of others so that only you survive at the end? We kind of got it messed up somewhere.

What else could explain the destruction of the very nature and environment that we are supposed to co-exist with and not destroy while trying to make our lives more comfortable. How funny we are slowly killing ourselves to get more comfort in life which we believe will get peace and happiness. Really policy makers, really?

So we put our efforts into making of our own happiness by living in our own bubble of happiness and not really focusing much on the world’s problems or other’s for that matter. After all, they are not ours they are their’s so we just ignore and live a lie of a happy life. You come first but then comes humanity.

Seems like floating in between the two; being happy and making your happiness might help. Like my tiny effort of making my own happiness by writing this piece with hopes of reaching out to someone and making a difference. No I am not selfless I am selfish. 

Miniature Budai

Miniature laughing Buddha. One of my cousin sisters gave it to me a long time back (entirely different but fun story about walking up a hill to reach a temple). From one of the souvenir shops near by, she bought it for me, more like took it from the shop and gave it to me. Fun incident; shop-lifting from a temple-shop.

Well, she did not have to pay for it because the shop-keeper was an acquaintance of theirs so, it was all okay and then while handing it to me she told me that rubbing Budai’s belly would bring good luck to me. Even the folklore suggest the same thing.

Now, I am not the kind who hangs onto such beliefs that encourage dependency, but just look at the smiling face of this little representation of Budai. I do not know about good luck but it sure does make me smile. It is the smile, the laughing face is quite content it instantly puts me to good mood.

Even though it has worn off a little the magic is still there. Give it a try. Have a look!



Having all that you “NEED” is sufficient to be content. And something to eat (in your hand) is just an added blessing.  

What is the use of having all the wisdom, all the luxuries and the best of everything in life if a person can not carry a simple smile with radiant happiness and contentment. Seriously, the lesser the baggage the bigger the smile. That is message I got.

Just Ask.

Be a helping hand whenever necessary. Assisting others is not a only a good deed but also a good opportunity to learn new things and of all the best things you get to know a new person.

Reaching out to some who is in need of help is quite important but reaching out to those who do not let others see what they are going through is important, necessary and unfortunately difficult. In this case though, we can not help strangers as much as our near and dear. But then again help is help.

Reaching out to people in crises is something that a lot of others would do too. But it is the ones suffering in silence who need to be assured that help comes if they would just ask for it. It is neither wrong nor a sign of weakness to ask for a little help.

Everyone feels lost and stranded at some point in time but it is better to reach out to others because only then the help arrives. Same goes for reaching a certain place or point in life or when you really really want something, ask for it with conviction.

If you want to get from point A to B, you will have to walk it out. If you want clarity of mind, you will have to talk it out. If you want to be free, you will have to let it go. If you want something new, you will have toss the old out the window. If you are looking for luck, fortune, better quality of life, you will have to have a positive outlook.

It all depends on how you reach out to the universe!

Hard work!

You know when is one fearless?

When they are stronger.

And when are you strong?

When you know you are complete.

But bear in mind this does not mean you do not have any flaws. We all do, but insecurities leave the day we decide it’s about time they left.

So in the very essence of being better the first step is to be healthier and what better way than to work out, right? And at times this hard work needs a bit of boost and that is what my friend wants to share with the world.

Be fearless, take your first step and please click the link below to know more about “The Workout Magazine” for a healthier lifestyle. It is not just about exercises it is a lot about the food. I might be posting more of these and your help would be very much appreciated. Just click!

Oh by all means do expect my random rants to be back next week. I am just on a break because it is Holi – and it is colourful and wet… yeah!



Science can cure diseases, only.

Placebo Effect: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Not single… I’d love to cure all the painful, incurable diseases in this world. No one deserves to suffer and die alone like it happens in the case of the EVD – Ebola virus disease. I was only taught very little about it in my microbiology class, reading about its symptoms was scary enough, to have to go through something as bad as this hemorrhagic fever is worse than dying. But the world is yet to see the ever so evolving bacterial and viral diseases which could get way out of our hands, in the time to come. Anyway, we can only hope that science does what it promises and makes world a better place. I believe, it might take some time, but science can cure diseases.

Now, lets focus on to the major pandemic that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. You see it everyday, in one way or the other, yet we all are so helpless and this illness spreads around so easily and is totally incurable. The disease of idiocy, hatred, and being inhumane. Some day science would find a cure for AIDS just like it can cure many forms of cancer today, if detected at early stages, that is. 

So, as we become more advanced the diseases that are incurable now might start getting cured, but I very highly doubt that there would be any pill that one could pop, or take a shot (injection) and become sane – something to cure idiocy. Something to set a lunatic’s head straight – who think their way of life or they, in general, are the supreme of all. Who have taken human form on this Earth to set it on the right path. As if it were going to get sucked into an unending pit of darkness and they are the only saviours. To think highly of yourself or your ways is not just wrong but also idiotic. Now cure that!!

Hatred, another thing I’d like to cure. Well, from this haughty, disdainful, imperious, supercilious behaviour one only creates hatred for themselves, and hates all others, for they think their stupidity should be praised as opposed to being reprimanded. Now cure that!! And as far as it goes, some lunatics only lose their touch with reality and the touch with the human inside them hence, the inhumane people are made on this very Earth. No one did this to them, but one single false idea of being the superior, one wrong perception and see how the world just gets screwed up (I think I am allowed to use that word).

From the fights over race, colour, culture, religion, social/financial status, work, gender… The list just keeps going on and nowadays it is very common to see fights, hatred and bullying over strength and sexual orientation as well (not necessarily together though), but  the world has some serious problems that science just can not help with. Humans made science just like all these above listed issues and only we can stop it from growing any bigger or else, one day, all of it will fall down on us. The sticks and stones will only shatter us down and we would leave nothing but those sticks and stones behind us.

Whatever happened to live and let live!! Create love, call it peace, define yourself with love – that is our race, that is our culture, that is our religion and let love be the new sexual orientation.

Angry much?

Mad as a Hatter:  Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Oh, never have I ever gotten so angry at anyone or anything that I flew into a rage. I am not known as a chilled out person for nothing. Sometimes I feel people take silence as a sign of weakness but as far as I think I just do not let anyone or anything affect me so much that I’d react.

Anyhow, there have been times when I have given people the philosophical comebacks during the arguments that have only caused silence – way better than all the eye rolling and quarreling. I avoid it all, but I too have limits, once crossed… I put all the cards out on the table and then there’s no place to hide. Ah! how I could always win… only if I did not care of the other persons ego. I save them from the hurt… well, we all can not be the same now, can we?

I believe in staying away from trouble, but I also know very well that trouble has an amazing way of finding you – no matter where or how you are? SO, it has happened on many accounts that someone irked me or something got on to my nerves and, all I did was to calm myself down because, I never seem to have good comebacks. So, I keep quiet.

It is like… let them think you are a fool than to waste your time and energy. Moreover, you never know what stupid thing you might blurt out in anger. And it is better to either ignore the whole situation or to take a full stand when in an argument. There is this constant flow of emotions and responding never happens. When facing a turbulence of emotions, you will only react and might even regret it later on – I mean we are humans and that is normal, right?

We feel a lot of things – we go through so many things that, most of the time we are lost in our own world rather than paying attention to the present. And in all this I have seen people taking out their anger on innocent people, which in fact is not healthy at all. Then there is passive aggression and so many other forms of anger. The only solution is to be in the bliss from ignorance, to respond properly and tactfully with a sane mind or simply smile. I find the latter easiest if nothing else just smile and move on.

Frustration is bad and bottled up anger even more dangerous, so release it all out and feel the lightness in your being. A happy person is a healthy person. Now that is important, isn’t it? Although, being completely benign is also not good because people take advantage of you and, our lives are not like Cinderella’s we won’t get a fairy god mother to put us out of our misery, but nonetheless choosing smile over a frown will only lead to something better.

You can not stoop as low as the next crazy person, right?