End of the world?

2020!! I think just mentioning 2020 is enough to suggest where I am going with this post. This year has been like any other year to be honest, except that it seems like the end of the world is here. Many have been predicting the end of the world for so long now that it is actually HERE.

One would wonder, is it really end of the world though? Yes, it is. I think owing to the imagery set by various religious beliefs and thanks to Hollywood movies – we expect the apocalypse to be more dramatic than a pandemic. Nuclear war, zombie attacks, asteroids hitting the planet, aliens… But a virus is what has brought the most intelligent species on the planet to its knees.

End of world it is, but first what is world? We have this habit of seeing the earth as the world but in reality earth is just another planet – it is the humans and the other life forms that make the world what it is. So it is the end of the world as we know it. That is what it really is.

The way we have been walking upon the planet, the way we have been doing “our” thing with quite a disregard for other inhabitants of this planet, the way we are – has gotten us into this predicament. Think about it, with all the technological advancements and all the wealth in the world – we are running against time and still have not found a solution to the problem that is this pandemic.

Vaccination will take its time and even that is not a proper solution – it will come with its own price; the side effects and the scale at which these vaccination drives will need to be arranged will pose a bigger problem. In the meantime, we have no solution but only protection as a means to safeguard against the spread of the disease. Lock-downs were a good method of protection but most countries failed at it, because not all of us can sit tight. We failed – “to err is human”. 

To err is human… Is this going to be the reason of our downfall – the idea that as humans we are bound to make errors? I think it is appreciable that we are aware of ourselves, and that we can see the imperfection and limitations of our ways eventually land us in error. But I think for the mistakes we make in this pandemic, the price we would have to pay, as a humanity, will be far more than what we had to before.

End of the world does not seem like such a bad thing if we look at it with a positive outlook. The positive aspect of it is that, the old ways will have to come to an end for a new world to be established. We could choose to see this as an opportunity for evolution. Evolution of human intelligence, emotions, and most definitely actions. Do we need to slow down? Probably, but we most definitely need to become more understanding of the harmony that needs to be brought back.

It is because we are in disharmony with the our surroundings and in turn with the planet, our home, that we did not realise how much of a mess we had made – in and around us. Only when we were forced to sit in and stare at ourselves in the eye did we start to bring changes in our “normal” lives.

It is like mother earth put us in detention and its about time we make amends. The good thing is that we can! We still can.

Soiled Soil.

We are because the soil is. There is a bigger picture and a smaller one like this shot I captured.


Who knew from dirt would originate beauty!?

I do not think we appreciate the little things in life as much as we should. I do not mean little things like strangers being nice to you, or having your life under control because of important people who play various roles and get things in order for you. I am referring to much basic things, elements like the land and the sky.

One is over the head and the other below our feet. We are here not just because of circumstances, not only because of people or places. In reality, we are here because the universe is in the order each and every day. It becomes an automatic process to be living like immortals overlooking the sky above and the soil below not necessarily realising that everything is working in order to hold us in place, and much easier to take a note of the next random person or their opinions about you.

Let’s hold on to the positive events like, the trees are still giving out oxygen, or that there is no zombie apocalypse… yet (haha).

We talk about global warming and the ozone depletion and we talk about the rising sea level and decreasing coast-lines. And we have so many things planned out to mitigate the damage we caused. But do we really look at the soil or the sky as a blessing or just as another thing for us to use and exploit!? Resources that are abundant are resources too.

PS: On a funny note… Global warming sounds like a lame reason for the extinction of human race. Let’s strive for a Zombie apocalypse or AI going against humans. now that would be a cool story.



Pleased yet?

Every thought to please you.
Every gesture to please you.
Every word to please you.
I tried to please you.
Were you pleased?

Stars from the sky?
Pearls from the ocean?
Flowers of the fresh bloom?
It is only my confusion…
How to make this love blossom.

I dressed to please you,
Kept quiet to please you.
Held you to please you.
I tried it all for you.
You were not pleased.

If the heart and soul
Is not enough.
What will matter to you?
I give myself.
That is all I have.

All sounds to please you.
A song to please you.
I will dance to please you,
In your rhythm with you.
Will you be pleased?



Wow it sure has been a long time since my last post. The entire editor for the new posts has changed, it is dizzying. I am blinded by the white background actually I preferred the blue-white combination; the earlier version.

On a personal note, I finished my exams for the first semester and decided to take a long vacation after that, but lately I have been busy enjoying spring. It has been ages since the last time I walked amidst the spring bloom. So I actually planned an entire trip which naturally involved going out of this concrete jungle into an actual one.

Now I have some serene, satisfying, colourful views, all captured in my phone. I am not officially into photography so my phone is good enough, I guess. This one particular shot was captured blindly, it is not easy to stare at the sun for long you know.


What a shot 🙂 right?

The unexpected

Each time I felt a blow.
Every time I couldn’t believe.
Each time my heart broke.
Was all for having expectations.

The things I never imagined.
The times I didn’t forsee.
I was ready for good, but unprepared…
For the worse I never expected.

Twists and turns with crests and troughs,
More than awry are my plans.
Farther than the aim It is pretty rough.
In the unknown, this was unexpected.

Accepting my fate is not happening.
Choices are my only option, and
Changing my course sounds frightening.
But I won’t give up if that is being expected.

If you tread a path of your own.
You’d be often advised to leave it.
Don’t give up, dream on.
And get over the unexpected.

Infinite like the sky.

I had planned on going to this amazing roof top restaurant with my friends and instead of going there directly we wandered into a near by monument for two reasons, one to pass time and make it lunch appropriate and two just because we all felt like doing something more than just going out to eat.

The monument visit was a great idea, it was nice as they usually are, tall and strong and a little damaged with time but still standing. We admired the work and the history behind building it, and found a quite place to chit chat there before heading towards the restaurant.

Here is the funny part, this fancy place famous for its 25th floor roof top resto-bar with its scenic skyline, night-life, and good food does not open until 7 pm and there we were trying to make it to lunch. Driven crazy with hunger we had no choice but to find another place. So we did.

This new place was in no comparison to the earlier one but going with the flow of things we did what made sense, moved onto the next best thing  in this case not necessarily the best but keeping with the day’s theme it was a new place.

At the end though we ended up having fun and that is that, with friends all you really want is the time to either pause or be infinite. Yes, infinite like the sky-line we plan on seeing next month when we go to this restaurant again, but this time with all information so that we won’t have to return with just a halfhearted thank you like we had to say to the guard today.

The best part is how we did not really get disappointed that the plan was totally spoilt, for the second time in a row, rather we moved on so quickly by accepting the situation and made a new plan and agreed on revisiting that place soon. This only goes to show that we just needed each other’s company. Fancy place or not did not seem to matter much. We have definitely grown a lot and I am really proud of all of us.

2017 – 6/365

Had an exam on economics today it was ok. I would go ahead and say for just two days worth of preparation the exam went alright but the knowledge gained is beyond compare. These days I feel like a student again which reminds me academics is easier than life and now I fail to understand why were we in a hurry to grow up?

Does is it even matter?
Well, we either win or gain experience so yeah it all matters. Perhaps it does not seem like it in the short run but wait for the long run. Ha now I know additional meanings for short and long run thanks to economics.

It is of no use to look here or there, to think of this or that. Just listen to your heart or just feel it – feels are never wrong no matter who says what. – Insach

2017 – 1/365

Today the events were as expected, fun and frolic too, but fear and the following total failure of plans made it gloomy. It wasn’t as I wanted and that was quite upsetting until it turned around and became the best first day of the year, better than I could have imagined.

Here I was thinking nothing could be better than my plans. Gosh was I wrong!

Miracle or just patient optimism?
I guess both!


(M)akes you wonder, where could it be?
(I)f it is here then why can’t you see?
(S)trange things never miss your eyes.
(S)o you look closer.
(I)nquiring what went wrong?
(N)ot knowing that was the only chance.
(G)one is the love that couldn’t last.

(M)issing it might seem sane,
(I)t was the first, next won’t be the same.
(S)eldom does it come the exact way.
(S)ure you don’t wanna take the risk?
(I)n the name of fear, you might miss.
(N)othing more but love in your life.
(G)ot any other plans to make it right?

Wait a while.

And then you just wait…

A list full of tasks,

Taken care of.

Now I yearn for,

Something new.

A few things shaken.

A lot more changed.

Wanted it to be,

Different form the past.


Gathered the perfect soil.

Got some seeds of mine.

My karma as they call it.

I planted them so fine.

A little was moved.

A lot of water showered.

Sun quite bright,

And under the right light.


“What do I do now?”

I want it, quickly.

Life demanded that,

I wait for a bit more.

A tiny part of me,

A side I never did see.

I waited, kept waiting,

Until I saw it sprout.


With change of seasons.

Only patience helped.

My eyes finally saw,

Saw it grow.

A little taller.

A lot stronger.

All that I sowed.

All that I waited for.


Then, I learnt giving up control…

Leaves you feeling lighter.

Sometimes just wait,

A little while longer.

A lot  is getting done…

Before I can reap,

My rightful rewards.

Which I don’t yet see.


Be careful what you wish for, be extra careful what you think about. You will reflect your thoughts and it will attract the like. And we reap what we sow!