Superficial change?

Judgments are fine and reaching a conclusion is not wrong it should not be wrong. But the whole catch is whether the conclusion was reached after a thorough understanding or by a superficial idea of something. If being judgemental would be wrong who would be the judge for those who judge as a member of the jury. I tried making a joke but that is a mouthful.

So I have noticed two very opposing thought processes around me nowadays and they are not necessarily that of people with generation gap or anything like that. People would normally have various opinions and in this day and age when a lot of us can think for ourselves more so than ever-before, it is delightful to see that the coin finally has two sides only. I am saying this because there has been way too much being propagated as relevant in regards with politics, religion, (gosh! the two subjects one should stay away from) and power and whatnot.

All in all I am liking the change. Going from solace to solution. Going from revolution to rectification. Going from rejection to acceptance. Moving from political correctness to joking about PC. The jump from superficial to depth is apparent. Although, this change is not in full effect but many of us now consider the bigger picture and that is good news. Then again there is the other side of the coin but the good news is that, overall the times have changed as we have moved on from controlling to delegating look around there are more people who care than those who do not. These are not dark times, these are changing times. Change has been constant and it is not superficial.

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