Dictionary, Shmictionary

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

Old Prompt even for a new Blogger. I copied my old post, edited it and pasted it here. Ooh I did what the daily prompts are doing with us – Serving the same old! Anyhow, I could not put it up in the grid the last time, so why not this time. Here goes…

One fine day, in a conversation with a class mate of mine (she has a really good vocabulary), I heard an unfamiliar sound and it turned out that the sound was actually uttered by her. She used a new word – “conspicuous” – it sounded somewhat funny and actually is quite a fancy word for “something that attracts attention”.

For someone hearing it for the first time it just does not make sense and for me it neither had a common word stem/root (compared with the words in my knowledge) nor could I comprehend the meaning of the whole sentence. She said, “I sit there so conspicuously”.

But that did not keep me from using the same sentence some where else without knowing its meaning – honestly, I did not know the meaning of it, but I still managed to use it correctly.

Fortunately, I used the word in the right context and also learned that, had I picked up the opposite word  “inconspicuously” and had I used it in the place of “conspicuously” while I was being all pretentious, It would have been very evident and sadly embarrassing too.

Nowadays I cross check on google before using a new word – saves the awkwardness… Learn curiously and apply your knowledge, but with patience is the lesson here, I guess.

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