Remember me for me.

For Posterity: Your blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

My blog has gone viral?? Great!! Remember me for all my posts not just one, please. I do not want just one post to be remembered but all. Although, I get the idea of being known for something that is most unique so know me for this one. Hey! this is cheating, I just realised this is not a prompt that inspires me rather it is very similar to one of those free write-posts. And now I do not know what to write about. However, I must right something.

I would start by saying that, I see chaos in everything these days and things just seem to be getting more strange and out of hand everyday. Most of us would go, “yeah, I agree to that”. And that proves my doubt is as realistic as it gets and it is like a norm these days – we expect craziness and are sometimes forced to accept it. This chaos is what we all have in common and this mutual uncertainty in life has brought all of us to a halt. I mean the way I see it, I doubt if an action taken today will have any good effects on the tomorrow. Good seems like a far fetched idea now and science, society, politics all of it seems to be taking a circle about their own policies and rules – we have reached a state of stagnancy perhaps, just my opinion.

In the olden days things were easier we say, but think about it again. Were they? Really? No, lives must have been easier in the sense that people were not in a rush but nevertheless the social strata, the financial constraints, and the hard day full of physical work – I won’t call that easy. And these days we do not have as much of muscle work but we all are still so exhausted and it is completely mental and emotional. Lives might be easier with the technology but the diseases have only risen with its arrival. I mean all of the body aches, and eye ailments (most of them) are because we live inside and glued to either a T.V or a computer. I am not against these, not at all, they are important and have made our chaos a little more organised, though. But our planet is global village now and things – good and bad – travel and spread faster than ever.

See? chaos never left us, but the point is, it seems to be accelerating with the same speed as we are accelerating into the so called “better tomorrow”. Oh, reminds me of second law of thermodynamics – entropy (disorder-ness) only increases. Well, lets just stay put (mentally) and find our inner peace because, it is going to be very crucial in shaping our futures. Other times, we just have to let it be and that is what I want to remembered for.

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