2017 – 5/365

The post for 2017 – 4/365 is missing because I had to study economics and it being an entirely new thing for me, it is time-consuming. I grasped the pathway for glycolysis quickly than getting my head around macro-economic analysis. Honestly though, as a science student, I was not even remotely interested in business studies but as I am always tempted to try new things here I am doing it on my own.

I do believe multi-tasking will be the death of me I am quite sure of it. Even right now I have my TV on while typing and I am paying equal attention… actually I had music in the background the whole day while studying. It does not seem like a problem… yet! I do not regret working a full time job and studying… yet! Hopefully neither in future.

But there is so much to do and so much to learn I just can not make myself to choose one thing I feel like Hermione Granger, from the Prisoner of Azkaban, taking all the courses available, but economics is not as magical as learning the art of divination (if you get the reference – hello fellow Potter head).

Anyway it is interesting and this interest tempts me, attracts me, and I can not stop. Not that I have a problem with it  au contraire I love new-ness!

What is life without a few challenges?
Although the ones we choose do not come as a surprise and because it is a choice there is no window for complaining. So basically if we started thinking that our life is of our own making, excluding the outer influences obviously, we would be better off.  Also, we’d take the challenge head on instead of pondering over its sudden emergence we’d be taking care of it.

Do not fight the circumstance, fight the thought to give up! – Insach