Meant to be.

We make promises.
Bigger than us,
Bigger than love,
It may not seem just.
Yet happens with all of us.
We cling to an idea,
An idea of them.
An idea of there.
Expecting life to be our way.
It might not be the same…
The reality in today.
So be ready for worse,
At least that will help adjust.
But how can we keep up
How can we go on
If we’re clung on to the past?
The time that turned to dust…
Is of no use to us.
And the broken, perhaps…
Wasn’t even meant to last!

2017 – 11/365

Sometimes, quite inexplicably, we just can not get ourselves to see something the way every one else can. Believe me it is only for the time being that you are not able to point out what is stopping you from readily accepting something that others are okay with.

Experiences leave deeper impacts than we can fathom, sometimes it is experience and other times just a hunch but do not doubt yourself that is the easiest but the worst thing to do. Just hold on!