Say what??

Head Turners: We often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces. When was the last time you overheard something so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing you really wanted to know what it was all about?

Considering the fact that I am the – earphones in my ears – listening to my jam – person while travelling in public, I can’t recall any story that was intriguing enough. Actually, music to me is the best companion (while travelling only and not while walking like some people do nowadays, I think that is plain dangerous) also while you are travelling alone it just keeps you away from being bothered by every other weirdo odd personalities (which I seem to attract a lot). It also saves you from a lot of people who really need to take their business to some place else.

Now that I have jogged my memory I have a ‘disturbing‘ story that I could share. Okay, so first things first, I am not against love or being blindly into someone but I think PDA is more acceptable/bearable than what I had to overhear, just because my phones battery was low and I couldn’t listen to my music. I speak from experience calling someone weirdo is just not my thing, but brace yourself for the story you will more than agree with me. 

So, here I am standing in a stuffed train (subway) and like any other person with out music or work – lost, and just counting the number of stations till my destination, all I could was to overhear people talking and laughing; some interesting talks, some small talks, some pretty personal talks, bitching, daily banter, gossiping and the most dreadful of all is overhearing people who think public place or home, whats the difference? 

The story: a couple standing in front of me, talking about their future (cool), talking about how would their families react to their decisions (fine) and then all of sudden…

The girl says, “hey, you ate today. Good, you should not leave home without breakfast!!”

The guy says, “how did you find out that I ate something today??” To this the girl replies; “Oh, I can smell it in your breath”. 

That was it for me. The only thought in my head was – man, that is just gross!! After hearing that I did not want to know anything more. The talk that started out to be somewhat interesting went downhill to being ridiculously disturbing/disgusting.

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