Repeating a week.

Groundhog Week: If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?

Last week:

Monday through Saturday: got up and kept myself busy the whole time just to pass the day and slept. It was a rinse and repeat situation.

Sunday: Family outing and lunch. That was great.

This week started off good, comparatively, went out on an all-day sight seeing with my friends for old times sake and after all the walking we ate like crazy. I have a presentation to be finished by this Thursday and it is due on the next day (and I haven’t even started yet). So, I would like to repeat this week but, would not want to relive the past one. Changes that I would like to make to my last week would be none because, I don’t like regretting things that have passed me by. I mean done is done, right?

What happened has already happened. If, I get another chance to do something the right way, I will use that chance. But, even if I don’t get such a chance I don’t really mind. I believe nothing’s perfect and even though we do try our best to make it all right and do things with all our heart either they go better, just plain good or not so good. The thing is It’s gone!! I wouldn’t like to relive the past. I would rather take my learning and move ahead to face bigger challenges and be better.

So, if I get a chance to relive my past week, I wouldn’t (it was boring, mostly). And even if, I were to relive it, I wouldn’t change it. It was fine the way it was because, I smiled and thus enjoyed.

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